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Chen Hanwei deletes post after netizens link it to bullying incident — and other interesting celeb Instagram posts

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April 16, 2021
Instagram/ chenhanwei1969, Screengrab from Hardware Zone forum
It seems that all the fuss over bullying allegations in our local showbiz scene has died down. (Hey, look at that, just in time for Star Awards 2021!)
And it seems that things are rather quiet leading up to the yearly star-studded affair happening this Sunday (April 18). Well, mostly. There are still some celebrities who have given us some interesting tidbits on social media this week and we're taking a look at some of them.
Chen Hanwei removes social media post
Does this have something to do with the recent string of bullying allegations flying all about? This recent post by local actor Chen Hanwei included a video of a cute doggo trying to fit its snout in a gap, and also a photo of a clove of garlic wedged into a peeled orange. 

Will a scandal affect their chances at clinching the popularity award at Star Awards? Here's what Jeffrey Xu and Shane Pow say

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March 17, 2021
Instagram/jeffrey_xu, Instagram/shanepowxp
In October last year, local celebrities Jeffrey Xu and Shane Pow were part of a group found to have flouted social distancing measures during the former's birthday party.
Now that the two have been nominated for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award for Star Awards 2021, are they concerned that their recent run-in with the law will diminish their chances of winning?
In a recent interview with 8world, 32-year-old Jeffrey said: "Honestly, I'm happy to be nominated. At least I know there are still  people who enjoy my shows and are acknowledging my performance."

Thomas Ong explains why he turned down Star Awards' Top 10 Most Popular Artiste nomination

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Thomas Ong explains why he turned down Star Awards' Top 10 Most Popular Artiste nomination
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Thomas Ong explains why he turned down Star Awards' Top 10 Most Popular Artiste nomination
He revealed in an Instagram post that he wanted to watch this year’s competition quietly “as an ordinary audience member”.
Thomas Ong. (Photo: Instagram/thomasong17)
15 Mar 2021 11:40AM
15 Mar 2021 11:50AM)
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The names of the nominees vying for Top 10 Most Popular Female and Male Artistes for this year’s Star Awards were released on Mar 10. This year, the bumper list consists of 60 names – 30 men and 30 women.

CNY insight: Thomas Ong is the cutest uncle to Andie Chen and Kate Pang's kids!

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SINGAPORE – This CNY is unlike any other BUT we’re so happy to see our local celebs having a good time with their loved (and close) ones. Take actor, Thomas Ong for one. He’s had the best time with Andie Chen and Kate Pang’s kids.
The fun-filled gathering took place on Feb 15 as Ong shared a series of selfies with Chen and Pang’s children, Aden and Avery, on Instagram captioned “Happy fourth day”.
First off, we have to say that keeping up with energetic kids is no easy task but the actor pulled it off effortlessly – and he managed to sneak in a couple of selfies too.

Terence Cao to be charged in court for Jeffrey Xu's birthday party: Newspaper, Entertainment News

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February 03, 2021
Instagram/ Jeffrey Xu
On Monday (Feb 1), it was announced that two men will be charged in court with breaking safe distancing rules, for having 13 people in a condominium unit at Daisy Road to celebrate actor Jeffrey Xu's birthday on Oct 2 last year.
Phase 2 regulations stated that group gatherings must be restricted to five people or fewer.
Now, it has been revealed that local veteran actor Terence Cao, 53, is one of the two who will be charged.
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) had announced that one of the two men, a 53-year-old, is the owner of the condo.
The second man, aged 50, allegedly invited three visitors despite knowing this would breach the restrictions.

Jeffrey Xu birthday party: 2 people to be charged, others fined $300

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SINGAPORE - A 53-year-old man and one of his guests, believed to have been involved in Mediacorp artiste Jeffrey Xu's birthday party, are to be charged in court with breaking safe distancing rules. The party in Daisy Road on Oct 2 was attended by 13 people, including actors Mr Xu, Terence Cao and Shane Pow, who breached phase two regulations...

Celebrity scandals that rocked showbiz in 2020

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December 31, 2020
From left: Xiaxue, Show Lo, Dee Kosh
Instagram/xiaxue, showlo, deekosh
It's safe to say that 2020 is going down as one of the worst years we can remember.
Within the showbiz industry, some celebrities also sent shockwaves with their jaw-dropping shenanigans.
From the ugliest, messy affairs to social media spats, here is a summary of the scandalous entertainment news that headlined the year. 
Show Lo's sex scandals 
Taiwanese pop star Show Lo's multiple affairs, including his participation in orgies, were revealed in a lengthy Weibo post in April by Grace Chow, his then-girlfriend of nine years. Show responded with a short reply, saying he would "reflect" on his mistakes. 

Singaporean DJ dropped from job after allegedly violating safe distancing rules

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Sonia Chew was among several artists spotted in a picture taken at Jeffrey Xu's 32nd birthday. Photos: Sonia Chew/Instagram, Jeffrey Xu/Instagram via The Straits Times/Asia News Network
SINGAPORE: Deejay Sonia Chew has been dropped from hosting Mediacorp's annual countdown show amid investigations into whether Covid-19 safe distancing regulations were breached at a birthday party for actor Jeffrey Xu.
The 29-year-old 987FM presenter, who attended the party, was supposed to host the countdown show
Let's Celebrate 2021 with deejay Joakim Gomez, but has been replaced by fellow deejay Jean Danker.
Local broadcaster Mediacorp said in a statement to
The Straits Times: "We take this matter seriously, and constantly brief and remind our artists to adhere to safe management guidelines at all times. We are also cooperating fully with the authorities on their investigations.

Mediacorp drops Sonia Chew as countdown show host amid Covid-19 probe

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December 28, 2020
Mediacorp radio DJ Sonia Chew has been pulled from hosting its annual countdown show in the wake of investigations against her for allegedly breaching safe distancing measures.
In a statement to The New Paper yesterday, a Mediacorp spokesman confirmed that Jean Danker will be hosting Let's Celebrate 2021 instead.
Ms Chew was initially slated to host the event with fellow 987FM DJ Joakim Gomez.
The duo were supposed to usher in the new year on the show, which will be screened online and on Mediacorp's channels.
However, Ms Chew recently found herself a subject of investigations by the Ministry of National Development (MND), after complaints were made about a photo of a large group celebrating Mediacorp artiste Jeffrey Xu's 32nd birthday.

Julie Tan, Jeremy Chan, Dawn Yeoh apologise for Covid-19 breach at party with Terence Cao, Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow

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In addition to the apology statement released by Mediacorp on behalf of all the celebrities, the people involved have also individually posted on their social media accounts.
Terence apologised for making a mistake in "a severe lapse of judgement" and said: "I accept full responsibility for my mistake and I sincerely apologise for my actions. I am truly sorry."
Jeffrey shared: "I feel regretful and guilty for my wrongdoings. I am sorry to have let the friends and family who love me suffer all this and make them worry."
Shane was regretful of his actions and for risking the health of the people around him by disregarding safety measures. "I will do better, I will be better, and I will set myself to a better standard than I was. I'm sorry," he added.

DJ Sonia Chew dropped from Mediacorp countdown show amid probe into actor Jeffrey Xu's party

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The Straits Times
DJ Sonia Chew dropped from Mediacorp countdown show amid probe into actor Jeffrey Xu's party
Sonia Chew was among several artists spotted in a picture taken at Jeffrey Xu's 32nd birthday.PHOTOS: SONIA CHEW/INSTAGRAM, JEFFREY XU/INSTAGRAM
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Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow, Terence Cao, Sonia Chew apologise for breaking social distancing rules

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The Mediacorp artistes apologised after they were seen in a photo of 13 people standing close together and not wearing masks.

MND investigating Jeffrey Xu's birthday gathering with 13 people photographed

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According to
Shinmin Daily News, Singapore-based actor Jeffrey Xu had held a birthday gathering that was attended by about a dozen people.
The Chinese daily was tipped off by a reader, who also sent in a photo with 13 people, including Xu.
Photo from Jeffrey's Xu's Instagram via Shinmin Daily News
It was deduced that the celebration took place on Oct. 3, at a residence.
Among those present were four Mediacorp artistes — Xu, Terence Cao, Shane Pow, and Sonia Chew — as well as two other celebrities not under Mediacorp, Jeremy Chan and Julie Tan.
In response to
Mothership's queries, Mediacorp said that they have spoken to the four artistes.

MND investigating alleged breach of Covid-19 measures at Jeffrey Xu's birthday celebration

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In response to queries from The Straits Times, the Ministry of National Development (MND) confirmed the probe, saying it had been alerted to the incident.
"Investigations are ongoing in respect of possible breaches by the various parties," a spokesman said, without identifying the individuals implicated.
"MND and other government agencies take a serious view of such breaches, and will not hesitate to take firm action against those who are found to have violated safe distancing measures."
Mediacorp celebrities - Xu, Shane Pow and Terence Cao - apologised on Wednesday (Dec 23) via the broadcaster after photos of them apparently breaching Covid-19 regulations were posted on social media. 

Terence Cao, Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow apologise for breaking Covid-19 rules at birthday celebration

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December 23, 2020
Shin Min Daily News
Birthdays are supposed to be joyous occasions where family and friends gather for celebration, but those were all pre-Covid days.
Under phase 2 regulations, social gatherings should be limited to five people, birthday celebrations included, to keep everyone safe during the pandemic – and even celebrities are not exempted from the rules.
According to the reader, Jeffrey posted an Instagram story on Oct 3 and while the photo did not have a date, there was evidence to prove that it had been taken two months ago, the Chinese daily reported.
"One of the artistes in the photo, Terence, had sent a congratulatory message to wish Jeffrey a happy birthday and even posted a photo of them together," the reader said. "I kept the link but it expired as the post and photo had already been removed."

Mediacorp stars caught allegedly flouting Covid-19 rules at Jeffrey Xu's birthday bash

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SINGAPORE - Local Mediacorp stars have apologised via the broadcaster after three of them - Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow and Terence Cao - were caught in what looked like a breach of Covid-19 regulations.
A Shin Min Daily News reader tipped off the Chinese language publication on Wednesday (Dec 23) that Xu, who celebrated his 32nd birthday on Oct 3, had posted an Instagram story of a large gathering. The attendees included other celebrities like Jeremy Chan and Julie Tan, who are not managed by Mediacorp.
The picture, reportedly uploaded on Oct 3, showed 13 people in one photograph in what looks like someone's residence, with Xu holding a cake. No one was wearing a mask.

More celebs may be in trouble over large gathering at private home

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The New Paper
More celebs may be in trouble over large gathering at private home
Mediacorp artistes Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow, Terence Cao and Sonia Chew in a gathering that may have breached safe distancing guidelines. PHOTO: JEFFREY XU/INSTAGRAM
0 Engagements
A day after Ah Boys To Men actor Maxi Lim and influencer Lizy Teo's wedding reception came into focus for potential Covid-19 breaches, more celebrities may be in hot water.
Mediacorp artistes Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow, Terence Cao and Sonia Chew were pictured in what looked like a large gathering that may have breached safe distancing rules.
The photograph was posted by Mr Xu on his 32nd birthday on Oct 3, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday. It shows a group of 13 people in what appears to be a private residence. Currently, households can have up to only five visitors.

Ex TV actress Cherie Lim on why she disappeared from the limelight after marrying billionaire Peter Lim

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August 12, 2020
Screengrab from YouTube/ SPH Magazines Icon
If you remember our local free-to-air television as the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation or SBC for short, you'll remember this former actress.
Cherie Lim ⁠— who graduated from the TV station's ninth drama acting course in 1989 along with Xie Shaoguang and Terence Cao -⁠— was one of the rising starlets of local dramas, acting in Channel 8 series like The Future Is Mine, Sweet Dreams, and Young Justice Bao.
After leaving showbiz in 1994, she worked in public relations and also founded a modelling agency before marrying Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim in 2003. Lim has two children, Kim and Kiat, from an earlier marriage.

Terence Cao hasn't seen 10-year-old daughter in 9 months, but she's too busy for him

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August 11, 2020
Instagram/ terencecao_guohui
With the implementation of travel restrictions and safety measures due to Covid-19, some families and loved ones have been separated for the time being.
Local actor Terence Cao is no different — he has not seen his 10-year-old daughter Shi En in nine months as she's living and studying in Shanghai.
However, it's not just the coronavirus pandemic that's keeping them apart. Terence also admitted that his daughter is very busy with her studies and extracurricular activities, such as swimming, ballet, and learning the
er hu.
The 52-year-old told Shin Min Daily News yesterday: "She is really busy and studying very hard. Even if I fly to Shanghai to see her, I have to accommodate her schedule and both of us can only get a few hours together. As her father, I cannot affect her studies and I have to respect her time."

Little Nyonya remake tops Weibo charts

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The Straits Times
Little Nyonya remake tops Weibo charts
Actor Dai Xiangyu and actress Xiao Yan (both above) in the new Chinese remake of The Little Nyonya.PHOTO: THE LITTLE NYONYA/WEIBO
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Sexiest male celebs whose birthday fall in February

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February 10, 2020
Instagram/changmin88, Instagram/sunghoon1983
February is the month of love. If you're waiting for Cupid to bless you with a hot guy in your life, don't fret. You can still celebrate with a little treat for yourself.
We're talking about our list of delicious dudes who are bringing the heat. They are getting another year older, but look like they haven't aged a day.
Nothing to do on V'day? Read on and dream about the perfect man.
1. CHO KYUHYUN (FEB 3, 1988)
Since his debut as a member of hot South Korean boyband Super Junior, Kyuhyun has made his name with his amazing vocal abilities.

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