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7 restaurants in Richmond worth waiting in line for

These Richmond restaurants may be busy, but they are completely worth waiting in line to try – if you have the patience.

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TSMC to increase prices for its chips; smartphones will be more expensive

Due to a series of factors affecting TSMC and other foundries, price of chips will increase in 2023. Affecting the smartphone market.

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Tuvalu's foreign minister withdraws from UN conference after China blocks Taiwanese delegates

Tuvalu Foreign Minister Simon Kofe has pulled out of the UN Oceans Conference after China blocked Taiwan delegation from participating.

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Now Liz Truss says Britain should send weapons to help TAIWAN amid fears of an invasion by China

The Foreign Secretary made the surprising remarks while giving evidence to a Commons committee yesterday. Britain currently has no defence or diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

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Taiwan official pushes for approval of U.S. computer chip subsidies

Taiwan’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer has started building a computer-chip factory in Arizona and is hiring U.S. engineers and sending them to Taiwan for training, but the pace of construction will depend on Congress approving federal subsidies.

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Russia-Ukraine conflict affects China's BRI projects in Central and Eastern European countries

China's '17+1 initiative' was severely impacted following the ongoing war in Ukraine, as most of the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries have started to become wary of foreign powers, including China.

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