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and there are a lot of personnel, military, white house staff, cooks, cleaners, maintenance staff, who don't have a choice but to be there. a large percentage of the staff who keep the white house going are people of color and we've talked before about the higher rate of disease among people of color. these are civil servants who are doing their job and we want to make sure they have the protections they need when they go to work. >> there are some statistics that have been alarming me for several days now, which is the hospitalization rate in the country which had been dropping stopped dropping and now started to bend upwards again. and this map, you're looking at nine states that are now seeing record hospitalizations. the number of daily cases increased to 56,000. 56,000 new cases reported overnight. these are bad signs. this is a bad direction to be going in, rich. what do you see? >> this is really something we need to pay attention to.

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