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10 Things in Tech: French Gigafactory, Tesla's Bioweapon Defense Mode

In today's edition: Musk at VivaTech, Google's WFH crackdown, and what "Ted Lasso" gets wrong about venture capital.

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10 Things in Tech: Apple Vision Pro, Big Tech's Big AI Salaries

In today's edition: reactions to Apple's new AR/VR headset, Big Tech's big AI salaries, and Marc Andreessen has a plan to use "AI to save the world."

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After Years of Criticizing Each Other, Zuckerberg Now Mirrors Musk

Mark Zuckerberg now appears to be mirroring Elon Musk. What makes this especially interesting is that the tech billionaires have a turbulent history.

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10 Things in Tech: Bing's Wild Week

In our Saturday edition: Microsoft may well have overestimated just how impactful a technology "new Bing" will be.

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Elon Musk's Yes-Men: 5 Experts Break Down Why It's Difficult to "Speak Truth to Power."

Elon Musk has some of the most powerful relationships in the business world, but experts say his circle of "yes-men" could be his undoing.

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Google Employees Worried About Layoffs After Tense All-Hands

Googlers put CEO Sundar Pichai on the spot to talk about the prospect of layoffs and issues with their performance review tools.

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Amazon Alexa Insiders Describe a Department in Crisis

Amazon's Alexa department is facing major layoffs. Current and former employees told Insider it's a division in crisis.

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Amazon Is Hosting a Second 'Prime Day.' Here's What You'll Want to Know.

Amazon has confirmed it's hosting another "Prime Day" event, expected to take place next month. Here's what you'll want to know.

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Twitter Employees Are 'Mentally Exhausted' Amid Ongoing Musk Drama

Twitter's saga with Elon Musk is causing high attrition, you may soon be able to link your brain directly to your computer, and Kia's futuristic electric SUV.

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