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Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino-20220221-15:58:00

you count to 1003 and that car is right on top of you. there were people in the car in front of you coming off that highway. what happened to them? >> the -- luckily all the traffic, they were paying attention and got stopped in time and i actually had a gentleman that started directing traffic around the crash. >> dana: that's nice. i was wondering something. what do you recommend people do so other drivers? if you're on the highway and you see an officer who pulled someone over what should other drivers know and do? >> you need to adjust your speed and look for a way to move over. if you can't move over adjust your speed at least 20 miles per hour or less under the speed limit and just be aware of what's going on. what's going on on the left shoulder there might be something going on up ahead or to the right.

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next week we have a rapidly deepening low pressure system, this one is one of those we talk about as explosively developing low, about 1003 hectopascals down to about 959 in 24 hours, in other words very strong and through the week it will bring outbreaks of rain, gales and some very windy weather indeed blowing our way as we head into tuesday in particular.— blowing our way as we head into tuesday in particular. that's how the weather _ tuesday in particular. that's how the weather is _ tuesday in particular. that's how the weather is looking. - tuesday in particular. that's how the weather is looking. thank i tuesday in particular. that's how. the weather is looking. thank you, see you later on! 17 minutes past six. let's have a look at some of today's front pages. the guardian reports ministers are being urged to tell people to work from home, rather than wait for data on the omicron variant. the paper says experts from sage have warned of a potentially "very significant wave of infections" that could overwhelm the nhs. the daily mail continues the coverage of six—year—old arthur labinjo—hughes, who died after being tortured by his father and stepmother. the paper quotes prime minister borisjohnson, who has described the case as "appalling" and said

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The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer-20210829-17:45:00

impacting not only louisiana, but alabama and mississippi as well. there you see the eye of the storm. dr. kanter, good luck to you. good luck to everyone in louisiana right now. we'll stay in very close touch. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. we're continuing to follow the breaking news on hurricane ida. it just made landfall moments ago, a category 4 storm with 1003-mile-an-hour winds. stay with us. our coverage continues right here on "the situation room." i always had a connection to my grandfather... i always wanted to learn more about him. i discovered some very interesting documents on ancestry. this is the uh registration card for the draft

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Report: Vikings CB Jeff Gladney turns self in for family violence assault

By Jack Day | KFAN
Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
An ugly situation is developing in a story involving one of the Vikings’ first-round picks from 2020. According to J.D. Miles of CBS 11 Jeff Gladney has turned himself in after being accused of a third-degree felony family violence assault. 
Gladney posted a $10,000 bond and could potentially see 2-10 years in prison if he’s convicted. Miles also reported that Gladney is accused of hitting the accuser with closed fists, choking her and dragging her by her hair while driving with her outside the vehicle. 
The incident is reported to have taken place on April 2 between Gladney and a 22-year-old woman who says she was in a relationship with him. The altercation took place after Gladney saw text messages the woman was receiving. 

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Carly Zucker Only Stops For Hexagons [In The Box] - The Power Trip | KFAN FM 100.3

By Aj Mansour
Apr 5, 2021
On this week's episode of "In The Box" we welcome Carly Zucker "Inside The Box" on The Power Trip Morning Show. Bets are placed on Carly's chances at trivia as Chris Hawkey quizzes her on ten RANDOM questions.

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NFL Draft Expert Martin Moistchew Calls in to preview the 2021 NFL Draft

By Aj Mansour
Apr 5, 2021
It's a yearly tradition that has no rival, for the third year in a row noted NFL Draft Expert Martin Moistchew has called in to The Power Trip Morning Show to break down the first half of the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

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MN ROKKR - KFAN FM 100.3 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Fox News Reporting-20191021-19:30:00

conditioning, cooling towers. they have all been implicated in the past as sources of the legionnaires' disease bacteria. >> legionella bacteria also causes a milder flu-like illness called pontiac fever which affected eight patients but 1003 people acquired the much more serious legionnaires' disease. that makes for a total of 141 people sick from this outbreak. 94 required hospitalization. four have died. neither legionnaires' disease nor pontiac fever are contagious. once you eliminate the source of contamination, it stops spreading pretty stop having cases. the outbreak ends. that's what public health officials believe has not happened in this case paid >> trace: a bit of good news. jonathan serrie, live in atlanta, home of the cdc. thank you. canadian perimeter justin trudeau fighting to stay in power as voters head to the polls. analysts say the race is too close to call.

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The 11th Hour With Brian Williams-20191019-06:49:00

confirming the ukraine story. the steady march of insider testimony increasing the pace of impeachment on the hill. and his vice president in effect giving turkey everything it wanted in its drive to kill the kurds. with us for more here tonight, our own veteran, jonathan allen, nbc news national political reporter. jonathan, do we pretty much have it right on what this week felt like, what today felt like, what yesterday felt like in the life of this administration? >> i mean the solace of today, brian, is that tomorrow will undoubtedly be more chaotic. throughout this administration, we are on day 1,002. 1,003 will be more hammering to the country in terms of convention as peter baker was writing about. we've seen any number of things that we've never seen before. the white house chief of staff walking out and just tossing out

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