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driven by posts on thereddit forum wallstreetbets. matt kelly:my wife and i are drivingto meet our realtor, and gamestop is moving. reporter:there are potentially billions of dollars of investor dollarson the line here. matt kelly: we're supposed tobe looking at houses, and i'm like,i can't look at-- i'm staring at my phone.she's looking at-- she's like, oh this is nice. i'm like staring.i'm like, oh, that's great. this is a great house.let's just get this one. reporter: the company surgedas much as 145% today. reporter: but this increasewill not last. - it's just lunacy. [cheering] chris garcia:this is the week, right, where i'm high and mighty.i feel great. i'm making what's literallyalmost a year's worth of salary in a month. everybody is, at this point,just sell, chris. you got $23, have $24,000 in there. but what if? what if the charts are right,this $24,000 turns into $60,000, $70,000,$80,000, $90,000.

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BBC News

of the most valuable sporting clubs in the world. but if the club is sold, whoever buys it won't be able to pick cristiano ronaldo. here's how the club tweeted the news — a short statement saying... let's put all of that into context now — with bbc with bbc sport's marc edwards. it is not really everyday that an interviewer with a footballer has such immediate wide—ranging consequences. as you said earlier on, cristiano ronaldo is no longer a manchester united player, isuppose inevitable, really, despite being a legend at the club, scoring 145 goals over the two spells, that scorched earth interview with piers morgan meant his place at old trafford was untenable. look, he said he felt betrayed by the club, he didn't respect the manager, erik ten hag,

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BBC News

it is not really everyday that an interviewer with a footballer has such immediate, wide—ranging consequences. as you said earlier on, cristiano ronaldo is no longer a manchester united player, isuppose inevitable, really, despite being a legend at the club, scoring 145 goals over the two spells, that scorched earth interview with piers morgan meant his place at old trafford was untenable. look, he said he felt betrayed by the club, he didn't respect the manager, erik ten hag, that was a big one, that he was being forced out, but he also had a go at the owners and the facilities as well. it is a bizarre situation where the resolution suits both parties, really. erik ten hag seen off a huge character who was undermining him sometimes this season, while ronaldo is now free to find a new club. where that is who knows. what we do know is you will probably need a pretty big cheque book to get him to play for them.

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Fox News at Night

military and how will america do in a head-to-head battle with china, republican congressman mike garcia, congratulations to use her on a victory, very well done. and want to go with the political spin because i love it and pick up where kevin left off, she said the following about gas prices and how good things are, gas prices are now at their lowest since early march with the national average at about $3.36, $0.11 cheaper than last week and a dollar 35 cheaper per gallon since june saving american families about $140 per month. what they leave out is when the president took off gas was at $2.66, so a dollar and $0.37 more, the $145 they talk about coming you're still losing that. >> and in their mind everything is relative to whatever time. it is most convenient for them, the economics is just physics with dollar signs, for every input there is an output, for every action there is a

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BBC News

selector. wright will take on the role in march afterfinishing a coaching job with auckland, and will be responsible for squad and team selections from the senior teams, lions and young lions. that's all the sport for now. there is some there is some breaking there is some breaking news there is some breaking news to there is some breaking news to bring there is some breaking news to bring you which concerns cristiano ronaldo. we have a statement from manchester united who have said he is to leave the club by mutual agreement with immediate effect. the club thanks him for his immense contribution across two spells at old trafford. scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances. this newsjust coming into us now it's on the bbc sport website. this follows that interview with piers morgan with talk tv last week which effectively looked like it was sigma god is and of his time at actress united. that

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CNN Newsroom

quite a stunning day for two of the big soccer stars. argentina's star player messi and his team lost to saudi arabia in what would be his final world cup tournament before retiring. and manchester united just terminated cristiano ronaldo's contract. >> and he had accused the club of betraying him. and he added that he held no respect for the coach. in a statement the club that canned himthanked him for scori 145 goals and wished him well. he is playinging for the portugal national team. and a sports reporter covering the u.s. men's team said that he was initially denied entry into a stadium

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Erin Burnett OutFront

madison and kaylee visit adlocal sports bar and then a food truck around 140 a.m. police releasing a map showing those exact locations for the first time hoping new leads will break the case. >> we believe that releasing information about the location of the victims throughout the night might generate some information that we can follow up on. >> reporter: police say all of the victims were home by 145 a.m. their bodies found on the second and third floors of the home. is the first floor where the roommates were sleeping? >> yeah, we have not identified where the roommates were. >> reporter: but the biggest question who killed them and why. >> we still confirm this was targeted. we cannot divulge the information how why we believe that or high. that is integral to this investigation. >> reporter: police are clarifying why they're not releasing more information about the victim's roommates who were at home during the attacks.

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FOX and Friends Saturday

been in 145th pl. . instead they won. christina, the interscholastic association said the w i aa gender eligibility rules follow washington state nondiscrimination laws which protect access to athletic activities for students. they say they are following the law. what do you say? >> they are wrong. we had women's sports for 50 years because we recognize there are real physical differences that make it unfair to force girls like madison and young women in seattle to compete against a biological mail. that is lost repeatedly to her male. this will continue unless we step up and restore fairness and a level playing field to women's sports. pete: your case is pending, the aclu has weighed in. what do you expect?

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FOX and Friends Saturday

washington state, their athletic association says if you're a girl, if you're a boy and you want to compete in girl's sports, there's no barriers at all. so this particular runner had -- he'd been running with the boys would have come in 145th place. instead finished in second place. rachel: yeah. so the message to women is that the best women are men. it's a really bizarre thing. feminism is dead. i don't know why the feminist movement that's so obsessed with the right to kill your offspring doesn't jump in here and see this is a bigger threat to our gender than anything else. i mean, it's absolutely unbelievable. will: the washington interscholastic association policy says wiaa gender eligibility rules follow washington state nondiscrimination laws that protect full access to athletic activities for students. so all that's required as you just explained, pete, is a

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more than double some other parts of the country. it's why he's repeated his call for the government to freeze rents in london. there are fears more people will be tempted to turn to gambling as an alternative source of income because of the cost of living crisis. it's one of the reasons westminster council is putting in new measures aimed at protecting vulnerable residents, including children, from gambling. the policy will include curbing opening hours on new premises. the council says it will balance supporting venues, like casinos and betting shops, with helping to reduce the risk of harm. fast—food chain kfc has pledged that in the next eight years, a third of all its new staff will be young people who have faced barriers to employment. there are more than 145 kfcs in london. its boss says the chain wants to help improve social mobility by giving disadvantaged young people more opportunities to work, build skills and confidence, and become managers.

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