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Bengaluru woman loses Rs 48,000 after trying to buy 4 dozen eggs for Rs 49: report

The 38-year-old woman, a resident of Vasanthnagar area of Bengaluru, found an advertisement on her email on February 17 which claimed that a popular firm was selling eggs at very low prices and ended up losing Rs 48,199 while trying to buy four dozen eggs for Rs 49.

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Fox News at Night

he was 292, 71 and 1. the last 16 years 199 and 16 at alabama. >> trace: won 10 sec championships in 17 years is high praise. are we seeing the demise of college football? do they need to pay players? >> well, they do and they are. the ncaa has a total mess. the college football season and bowl season was not interesting. teams don't want to participate. players on the teams don't want to participate. i don't know we are seeing the demise. in those 3 games it was terrific but a big change and it is

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America Reports

six at alabama and the past 16 years there, 199-16. so, that guy is not growing on a tree, we'll never see anything like it and he's going to go off into retirement. as for bill belichick, he won six super bowl championships, nine conference championships and just 15 wins away from breaking don shula's all time record, he's going to continue, he's going to continue, john, in professional football and i'm sure the 25 teams across the nfl are probably evaluating their coaching positions today thinking about well, maybe we could think about bill belichick. not saying 25 teams are going to make moves but are evaluating it. >> sandra: i remember nick saban's attempt at pro football, and huge mistake to leave college ball. >> he went to the dolphins where shula had the record and did not work out there well and he was a perfect fit for alabama, and in the sec, did well at lsu,

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Anderson Cooper 360

party has been sealed for some time now. and in the end, the vote wasn't even close. we're talking about 199-3 to remove him as chair of the state party. for weeks now, top officials across the state of florida from governor ron desantis to senator marco rubio and rick scott and congressman matt gaetz who was in town for the meeting here in tallahassee wanted to see ziegler step aside since the details of the sex scandal broke back in early october. the allegations that ziegler sexually assaulted a woman that he had a previous consensual seshual encounter with, along with his wife, bridget ziegler, the cofounder of the moms for liberty group. now, anderson, it is important to note here that christian ziegler has not been criminally charged and he said that the sex with the woman was consensual. now, party officials told me after the vote that they really just want to move past this sex scandal. they admit that some of their

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CNN News Central

close, 199 to 3, to get them out. >> that is lopsided, carlos suarez, thank you for that report. boris? and israeli strike has killed a senior militant commander of hezbollah, and his death is stoking fears of a war in the middle east, that is because the commander targeted, but belonged to a stronger more organized ally in lebanon, hezbollah, the strike went down, not in gaza, but in lebanon, near the border with israel. all of this happening as secretary of state antony blinken is more than halfway through a tour in the middle east, trying to keep this conflict from spreading, let's turn out to cnn chief national security correspondent , alex. let's talk about this senior hezbollah commander who was killed, who was he? >> reporter: he really was, a senior member of hezbollah, this is probably the highest profile operation that israel has carried out against hezbollah, in the past few

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CNN News Central

investigating an accusation against him, he has maintained his innocence and has not yet been charged. let's go to cnn's carlos suarez in tallahassee with the latest. carlos, what can you tell us? >> reporter: christian ziegler has had few if any allies, in the end, the vote to remove him wasn't even close. 199 to 3 said that christian ziegler had to go as chair of the florida republican party, party officials across the state of florida from governor ron desantis to florida's two senators as well as florida congressman, including matt gates all wanted to see him go. since the details of the sexual scandal first broke back in october. these allegations that christian ziegler sexually assaulted a woman that he had had in previous consensual sexual encounters along with his wife, bridget ziegler, the former cofounder of the moms

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FOX and Friends Saturday

win that race last year. i mean, tell -- does it change your racing career, to win the daytona 500? >> it definitely does. besides winning a championship, everybody wants to win the daytona 500, and some go their whole careers without doing it. other drivers have said e they would trade a daytona 500 win for one of their championships, so it was a huge accomplishment last year. seeing pictures like that definitely makes me anxious and ready to get back to the daytona 500 february 18th. it's sold out, so -- pete: super cool. >> so make sure you tune in on fox at 2:30 eastern on the 18th. kayleigh: before your victory, you had a 199-race streak without a win, so how do you turn it around? >> try not to think about that. [laughter] finish. kayleigh: yes. >> try not to think about that but just perseverance, continuing to fight, show up to the racetrack every week and, you know, putting the time in. i felt like our team from the year before, we we worked really

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BBC News

and that squad involved or included pele and carlos alberto. they went on to win the 1970 world cup, beating italy. in 199a, zagallo had his fourth taste at world cup victory when brazil again won and he was assistant coach. and in 1998 he managed the team and got them to the finals, but they were beaten by their hosts, france. zagallo had four children and a wife of 57 years who died in 2012. his feat of being both a player and a manager to have won the world cup has only been matched by two others, and now his death means that there are no longer any members of that 1958 brazil world cup final team left alive. now to wales, where a rare

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FOX and Friends

>> the suspect quickly fled the scene without any cash in hand police say he sped away on a razor type scooter. meanwhile, check this out. people are bringing back the 1990s, the nostalgia. after disuferg can you reuse your old calendars from 1996. that's because 1996 and 2024 are leap years and begin the new year on a monday. so let's go back in time to 1996, why don't we. the movie brave heart, based on my life story starring mel gibson won best picture at the oscars. take a lack at that space jam michael jordan. my son loved that one born in 199 #. the year of the song macarena which i still dance to begin 1 week reign reign as the number one song. >> lawrence: can you demonstrate. >> brian: we don't have time it's on the format not the rundown. it makes me wonder what else

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The Seventies

like, "yo,o, y'all gotot 'hip h" "hm?m?" grgraham: so w when peoplele k about the song, they go, "what't's that hipip-hop song" and it w was the firirst hip-p song t to crack ththe top 40. it changeded everythining. heheilemann: "rapper'r's delight"t" in 199 opens ththis incredidible dor to the lasast new amererican arart form, whwhich is hipip-. ♪

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