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>> reporter: experts say they're seeing a new trend this year, people spreading out their travel plans due to remote work, including manisha, who drove more than five hours from boston to philadelphia. >> it is because of the remote work. i would say, like, because we have adapted to being able to work from home. >> reporter: and linsey, here at the atlanta airport, we are expecting more than 2.5 million passengers over this busy holiday week, but that travel rush back home might be impacted, as storms move through this weekend. linsey? >> potentially some delays on the return home. elwyn, thank you. tonight, millions are bracing for that change in the weather, as we head into the weekend. let's get straight to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano, keeping an eye on what's in store. what can we expect, rob? >> reporter: well, linsey, we have two distinct systems that will be following each other across the eastern three-quarters of the country. today, southeast texas getting it the worst, with over five inches of rainfall south of houston. flash flood warnings there. you can see the radar still active between houston and beaumont along i-10, also northeastern louisiana. that will push off towards the

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Atlanta airport, interstates seeing Thanksgiving holiday travel rush

Over 3 million people are expected to take to the roads and head in and out of Atlanta's airport this Thanksgiving holiday, and Wednesday is supposed to be the busiest day of them all.

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Travelers should plan for parking at Atlanta's airport this Thanksgiving

It's a good idea for travelers to plan ahead where they intend to leave a car as they get ready to catch a flight for Thanksgiving out of Atlanta.

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Destructive giant snail intercepted by 'Beagle Brigade' at Atlanta's airport

The Atlanta airport’s so-called "Beagle Brigade" found a stash of prohibited items coming in from overseas including a massive invasive snail, which agricultural officials consider among the most destructive.

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