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Is Eve Coming Back to ABC's Queens? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Rapper Eve is leaving ABC's Queens. Her character Brianna is being given an open-exit, making a return possible if Queens gets renewed for a second season.

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Eve to Take Maternity Leave From 'Queens' With a Possible Return in Season 2

The actress recently announced she is expecting her first child with husband Maximillion Cooper.

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Eve Takes Hiatus From ABC Series 'Queens' Due To Pregnancy | News

The show also stars Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez and Brandy.

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Eve to Take a Break From Hit Show 'Queens' After Announcing Pregnancy

The 'Let Me Blow Ya Mind' hitmaker is expected to take maternity leave from her television series as she is due to give birth to her first child with husband Maximillion Cooper.

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Eve Will Take a Break from 'Queens' TV Series for Maternity Leave | Eve, Queens, Television

Eve Will Take a Break from ‘Queens’ TV Series for Maternity Leave Eve is going to be taking a break from her role as Brianna on the hit new ABC series Queens. The 42-year-old entertainer announced a few weeks ago that she is…

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Eve to take a break from new TV series Queens for maternity leave

Eve is taking break from new TV series Queens and will go on maternity leave... as she and husband Maximillion Cooper await the arrival of their first child in February

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'Queens:' Eve Hints At How Her Real Life Mirrors Her Character On New ABC Show | News

“I’m not going to lie. It freaked me out a little bit,” she told in an interview via Zoom.

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Eve Switches to 'British' at London Home So Family Can Understand What She's Saying

The 'Eve-Olution' rapper says she has to tone down her Philadelphia accent at home in London so husband and stepkids can make sense of what she's saying.

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Eve finds her perfect match as she returns to TV with 'Queens'

Once upon a time, Eve was a superstar rapper. Now she plays one on TV.

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Eve Reveals The Moment She Found Out She Was Pregnant

This is her first child with husband Maximillion Cooper.

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Pregnant Eve Says She Already Has Two Baby Names Picked Out

“It’s weird, but I think the baby is talking to us,” she says.

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Eve Says There Are 'A Lot of Clones' in Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop and R&B Music, News, Photos, Interviews, & Videos

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