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These Ladies Are Already The Heroes of Olympics 2020

Here are the most impressive women of the Olympics 2020 that we’re rooting for all the way.

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Ramla Ali Cover Interview

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Meinke Klein
Ramla Ali Is The Last One Standing
From refugee to champion boxer and Cartier darling, Ramla Ali has fought every step of the way to get to the top. Now she’s there, Olivia Blair discovers there’s more to this woman than her backstory.
Olivia Blair and Photography by Meinke Klein, Styling by Aurelia Donaldson
Ramla Ali is deflated. We’re sitting inside a boxing ring in the west London gym where she trains. We’re in the ring because the rest of the – all-male – athletes are training, loudly. At least here we can hear each other talk. The scent of stale sweat and a whiff of urine (she says the toilets were recently broken) linger in the air. Discarded water bottles, dumbbells and resistance bands are strewn around us. ‘I was just very, very disappointed in my performance,’ she sighs, pausing as she tries to articulate her feelings. ‘I know everyone’s going to say, “Why? That’s so weird.” But I actually feel like I lost. That’s just me. I always want to be the best version of me.’

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