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Trump can't dismiss Ron DeSantis — he's never faced a GOP candidate like this

DeSantis is no Jeb Bush and while it’s too soon to predict the outcome of a nomination race that will last a year, it’s certain that Trump is facing the best funded, most successful and most prepared GOP opponent he’s ever faced. 

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PLATELL'S PEOPLE: This was the week that the Just Stop Oil zealots lost the plot

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: As a nation of garden lovers, we have been revelling in the recent warm weather. Except this year there was also the sight of puerile, selfish Just Stop Oil protesters.

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Express View on Ron DeSantis: Trump Lite

Ron DeSantis may appear different from Donald Trump, his rival for the Republican nomination. But on key issues, he may be as illiberal

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Menaka Guruswamy writes: The looming Trump

He has figured out his core constituency, which he shapes through fear, strategically deploying social media and speaking in a language that appeals to them. Along the way, he used his privilege to bend and break the law

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

raided one of my attorneys homes and office, and that it is disgusting. i started to think to myself, whoa, now all of a sudden i'm just one of his attorneys? now he doesn't mention me my name, the same way that he mentioned me by name when they asked him the question about the stormy daniels payment on air force one. now all of a sudden i didn't have a name, and that's when i realized, something is really awry here, and that donald is not in my corner. >> when you are getting charged, and being investigated, did you think donald trump would be on your side? did you think donald trump would stand up for you? >> i did. in fact, when he was president of the united states the comment that he made to meet a last time i spoke to him, which was a day of the raid, i'm the president of the united states, don't worry about it, nothing scoring going to happen, you

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

the southern district of new york, the prosecutors came at me on a friday at 5:30 p m speaking with my lawyer. the very first time riyadh a chance to meet and speak with them to convert with them. every other chance, every other request was denied. until friday, my lawyer goes and meets with them and they tell him michael needs to come in on monday, 48 hours later, and plead guilty otherwise we are filing an 80-page indictment that's going to include his wife. you see, trump knows miraculous he'll, there's no chance in the world, i love my wife, anybody that knows me and knows this is a couple knows we are going on 20 years, there's not a chance in the world are going to put her in danger. >> is there anything you did that you should've been convicted or unscented ill? >> yes. the campaign finance violation as it related to stormy daniels, and to an extent, the thousand and one violation which was the lying to congress.

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

did nothing wrong. just stay the course, we are all in this together. and actually at that moment in time i did truly believe that i was still part of the camp, it was only later on as little bits and pieces would emerge that i ultimately realized that i am going to be the scapegoat. >> michael cohen's legal dilemma culminated in the final months of 2018. in november of that year, he pleaded guilty to lying to congress, admitting to prosecutors that he made false statements to lawmakers on capitol hill while under oath about the details of the trump tower moscow project in order to match donald trump's quote, political messaging. then in december he was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to eight counts, which included tax evasion and campaign finance violations, as a result of his part in the the hush money payments made to adult film actress stormy daniels with whom donald trump

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What Trump and DeSantis don't get about Biden's digital operation

Trump in 2020 made a lot of tweets go viral. But Joe Biden is strong on digital. Let Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott fight over Elon Musk. That's a 2024 distraction.

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LGBTQ reality shows to watch if you're loving The Ultimatum

If you're looking to get your fill of queer drama, here are five LGBTQ reality shows to put on your watchlist.

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