Transcripts for MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show 20201009 08:13:

Transcripts for MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show 20201009 08:13:00

who have said they don't want the state to count any ballots that arrive in the mail after election day. wbr-id "wbr7860" now, once you have mailed your ballot, it's the post office's responsibility to get it delivered. you can't control how quickly it gets delivered. and with louis dejoy in charge of the postal service, there's a lot of reason to worry about how long the post office will take. the previous plan in wisconsin is that your vote, yes, had to be post marked by election day, but they keep receiving them and counting them up to six days after the election. now that has been blocked. wisconsin republicans say if your vote isn't there by election day, they don't want to count it. so far, a federal appeals court siding with republicans in wisconsin. wisconsin republicans have also, for now, at least, succeeded in their efforts to make it harder to adequately staff polling places for the election. if you've been thinking about volunteering to be a poll worker, if you have been thinking that this year you might want to volunteer to help out at a polling place on election day to help make sure the election runs smoothly, i

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