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Notice of extraordinary general meeting of BHG Group

The shareholders of BHG Group AB are summoned to an extraordinary general meeting, to be held on Friday, 30 December 2022. The extraordinary general meeting will be conducted through mandatory... | December 6, 2022

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she is facing seven charges of tax evasion, estimated at £120 million. she pleaded not guilty. the prince and princess of wales are to separate. a statement from buckingham palace said the decision had been reached amicably. this is newsday on the bbc. in singapore. 0ur headlines more drama at the world cup is morocco beats spain to reach the quarterfinals the first time ever. and polls close in georgia as they cast their ballots in a crucial runoff election. indonesia's parliament has approved new laws that criminalise sex outside marriage with a threat of imprisonment for up to a year. couples will no longer be allowed to live together before marriage.

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telling you, dad this, or dad that. and in the blink of an eye, the criminals take away the connection to your child. this was the family carjust hours after the attack. translation: they take the country hostage, - they make the law here. they kill, they rape, they destroy. and they rob children of what little they have. this boy is 12. he and his mother are now homeless for the second time. first, they fled cite soleil, now the authorities have moved them on. they told us they had no idea where they would go. 0rla guerin, bbc news,

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majority economy in the world as we saw on display at the 620, this as we saw on display at the g20, this is, there's a lot more work to be done and before these articles are implemented and we will see a lot of contesting. to other stories out of the us now — and donald trump's property business has been convicted of 17 counts of tax fraud, as well as other financial crimes. the company now faces a fine of one point six million dollars. the conviction is a blow to the former us president who has announced he will run again for the white house. 0ur north america correspondent, david willis is following the story. what does this mean for the trump organisation and have we heard from trump? in financial terms, the result

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bringing those results to her viewers as and when we get them but for now, thank you so much as always forjoining us on the programme with your insights and analysis. the duke and duchess of sussex are about to recieve a us award for their stand against racism. it comes as a new netflix documentary is to be released on thursday — offering the couple's perspective on life within the royal family. 0ur correspondent, nada tawfik, is at the presentation in new york and just a warning there is flash photography coming up. they are being honoured alongside the likes of ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky in the late nba legend bill russell. the human rights foundation said that they chose those they knew as exemplary leaders who demonstrated unwavering support for social change. specifically, they said harry and megan stood out for their work on racialjustice

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against the conviction the uk government has accused rmt — the country's biggest rail union — of holding the nation to ransom, after it announced three more days of strikes from the 2a december. the rmt union says it wants a pay offer that reflects the rising cost of living — and a guarantee of no compulsory job losses. to haiti now — and yesterday we brought you 0rla guerin�*s report about how criminal gangs are bringing terror and chaos to the country. the united nations is warning a humanitarian crisis is unfolding, in what is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. almost half the population are facing acute hunger and armed groups and gangs are complicating efforts to get help to those in need. from the capital, port—au—prince, 0rla guerin has the second of her special reports. a little boy lost.

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it's a very low chance of snow. it's going to be cold everywhere with a widespread frost, maybe not quite so cold early on wednesday in east anglia in the south east, because we've got a bit more cloud here that'll take a while to break up. 0therwise many places will be dry and see some sunshine. it's areas exposed to that northerly wind that will see some wintry showers. parts of northern ireland down, some of these irish sea coast down the north sea coast and more especially northern scotland. seeing that snow, those are the temperatures in the afternoon, 3 to five degrees, a little bit colder than it was on tuesday, windy in northern scotland and down those north sea coast. so it's these areas in particular that will feel quite a lot colder in that wind. and the snow continues as we head overnight and could get a bit heavier across northern scotland. we may see some mixture of rain, sleet and snow coming in to northern ireland as well. and that's coming into cold air, of course, another widespread frost with clear skies across many parts of the country. and we've got this cold air, this northerly air right the way across the country. now, the winds are not

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good player. ithink it will be finding the next good player. i think in this world cup there are many players who will flourish and show to performers in the upcoming world cup so it is about investing internet resource and fans should keep paying attention to those players. paying attention to those -la ers. ., ., , players. you will find lots more coverage _ players. you will find lots more coverage of- players. you will find lots more coverage of the - players. you will find lots i more coverage of the world players. you will find lots - more coverage of the world cup on our website. 0r download the bbc news app if you haven't done so already. a special report for you now from haiti — where the united nations says that it is on the verge of the abyss, as heavily armed gangs expand their control you of the country. human rights groups say armed groups control at least 60% of the capital port—au—prince, and the surrounding areas. and they warn rape is increasingly being used as a weapon. in the first six months of this year, the un has documented 934 killings in the capital, and 680 kidnappings.

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there are things you would never wish on anyone, he says. his wife is now pregnant and they don't know if he is the father. he tells us haiti has been erased from their hearts. some police here are risking their lives trying to make the streets safe, but others have actually formed their own gang. and haiti's weak and tainted government is accused of looking the other way as the crisis deepens. 0rla guerin, bbc news, port—au—prince. we will be bringing you the second part of that special report on haiti tomorrow on

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and it was heartbreak for the other asian team left in the tournament as japan lost in a dramatic penalty shoot—out to croatia. let's get the latest from nesta mcgregor in doha. well, as you can see, following the full—time whistle, fans are streaming out of the stadium. naturally, the brazilian fans are a lot happier than their south korean fans after a convincing 4—1 victory. all goals from brazil coming in this first half, south korea bravely battled and if there is a consolation, they won the second half 1—0. it does mean there are no more countries from the asian continent left in the tournament. that is because earlier japan lost their last 16 match against croatia. it was 1—1 after extra time, the first penalty shoot—out of this tournament and japan lost it 3—1. it is worth saying, the japanese team and the fans have been a credit to the world cup, they will be missed. we can remember those images of the japanese fans cleaning the stadium after matches and the team left the dressing rooms spotless on several occasions.

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