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teargassed. >> there were officers on the ground, you know, they were bleeding. they were throwing up, they were, you know, they had -- i mean, i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. >> the justice department arrested 1,069 people for the capitol insurrection. of them, 350 defendants were accused of assaulting, impeding or resisting officers. and of those accused of opposing officers, at least 51 were convicted. another 104 defendants pleaded guilty. joining me now, charles ramsey, he led the police forces here in washington, d.c. and philadelphia. chief ramsey, there has been some criticism from republicans that this indictment, these indictments are weak, because they're based merely on lies that the president told that day on january 6th and leading up to

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Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

to the bay now. yeah every year, tourists. >> all of this is protected all right, he can't do anything on these rocks? no. >> no. how many of these rocks out there? 1069 this is a good number, you know. >> that's a lucky number. >> six is for fortune and 90 forever so fortune forever. >> a drinker two on the top d deck, check. now for the rest of the day try and do as little as possible. a nap. sunset. maybe some more drinks. and what about dinner? >> for you. thank you, sir, p jim? cheers peter so we are eating some squid. >> tons of squid tons of squid. >> p we tried to get as many times as possible. >> q the majesty of the squid.

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according to our very own dan springer, 16 months into this first in the nation experiment, the numbers paint a very bleak picture. drug overdose deaths now hit an all-time high in 2021. 1,069. that is a 41% increase from 2020 while reportedly very few people are seeking treatment. so ask yourself, why would any community want to enable hard drug use he met you're basically helping people kill themselves. why would any community want to put the interests of hard drug users over the safety and security of ordinary citizens, and when they are hired wasted and out of their minds, they come into contact with people going about their daily chores. unfortunately the democratic playbook, law-abiding citizens have now become the enemy. common sense americans are now in the crosshairs of this new extreme far left socialist democratic disaster, a party that coddled violent criminals,

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with our addiction crisis. always meant to deal with the war on drugs. >> because it shifts $300 million from cannabis tax revenue it can't be used to expand treatment beds. the money can only go for so-called harm reduction. things like needle exchange, peer counseling and supportive housing and narcan to revive someone having an overdose. but even that is not working very well. last year there were 1069 overdose deaths in oregon. 41% increase and all-time high for the state. 25% higher than the national jump. only 100 people have called a hotline designed to get them into services. very few have gotten into treatment which is completely voluntary. a former assistance at two federal drug czars is not surprised. >> it is predictable, was predicted and now unfortunately is coming to pass in front of our eyes. it is a tragedy and a self-inflicted wound, i fear. it is the wrong path.

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mental illness. measure 110 was supposed to help them but apparently not drug treatment. $300 million of cannabis revenue is not going for more treatment but harm reduction, like needle exchanges, supportive housing, narcan to revive someone overdosing on drugs. >> the treatment can look really different for different people and it's important we are not just spending the most money on care if we don't actually have those other components to really support the person. >> the problem is drug overdose deaths have never been higher. in the first year of the experiment, 1,069 deaths statewide, 41% increase over 2020, 25% higher than what the national rate rose, we know what a crisis that is. and crime linked to drug addiction is also up. property crime is higher and murder connected to drug turf wars is on the rise.

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money and the biden administration has made it so easy for them to smuggle this poison across our southern border that we just can't keep up. >> native americans on reservations in montana have been hit particularly hard. but the problem is everywhere and growing. dea administrators is having these mass poisoning alerts being pushed out like el paso dea two weeks ago they had nine overdoses in a 24 hour period. >> country's second worst addiction problem is in oregon but instead of ramping up enforcement, the beaver state decriminalized hard drugs, including fentanyl. the result? devastating. a record 1,069 overdose deaths last year. streets of portland, in the street of hillsborough and around the state. that needs to be addressed immediately. >> back in montana, they are addressing it with more aggressive police work. fentanyl investigations have risen unbelievable 2,000 percent

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1069 единиц оружия изъяли у участников массовых беспорядков в Казахстане

Сотрудниками МВД изъято 1069 единиц оружия у участников массовых беспорядков в Казахстане. – новости Казахстана. Актуальные новости страны на

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mother was born in 1069 the war was already 8 years old you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in china. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. all our family costs in 75 minutes on t w. well so isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. who dream of leaving the arab world. the michael

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Made in Germany-20191106-00:57:15 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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canaveral florida july 19th 69. 3 men set off on one of the greatest adventures in human history with their goal of the moon. that the right to travel hundreds of thousands were there to watch. the cold war was in full swing and the competition between the u.s. and the soviet union extended even to space. on july 20th 1069 astronaut neil armstrong became the 1st human to set foot on earth spoil me permanent satellite. up. this event would bring armstrong fame that he had never sought and it would

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