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a clutch of awards, including three grammies, two mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. her family are kosovan—albanians who fled to london in the 1990s and returned briefly in 2008 — but dua lipa has never forgotten her roots. on sunday, she was welcomed to tirana by the president, who presented her with albanian citizenship and said she had made her country proud. translation: it is a special pleasure today in the - presidency to welcome the greatest artist, dua lipa, and herfamily. i say a great artist, a simple girl whose fame is known all over the world. she has given us the greatest pride. dua lipa grew up listening to david bowie, bob dylan, radiohead and the police — mainly thanks to her dad, who's also a singer—songwriter. and she was inspired by madonna, gwen stefani, and blondie. but getting her albanian citizenship clearly a precious moment for the singer.

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now, back to that sensational result from morocco — as the team defeated belgium 2—0. morocco's win marks their first world cup victory since 1998 — moving them above belgium in their group. and in the following game, croatia made easy work of canada — with a li—1victory. that means canada is out of the world cup. dua lipa has received albanian citizenship in a ceremony hosted by the albanian president in tirana. the singer was born in london, but her roots go back to kosovo. wendy urquhart reports. # i got you, moonlight. # you're my starlight... dua lipa is famous all over the world, and her disco—pop songs have won her a clutch of awards, including three grammies, two mtv europe awards, and six brit awards. her family are kosovan—albanians who fled to london in the 1990s

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to put it down. >> "forrest gump" is a marvelous look at how history happens. >> forrest gump, john lennon. >> it's a delightful play on the contingency and accident that shapes our world. >> we were the first americans to visit the land of china in like a million years or something like that. somebody said world peace was in our hands. but all i did was play ping-pong. >> that film embodies everything that makes tom great. he's fantastic dramatic actor. he's a magnificent comedy actor. i can't think of another actor living or dead who could have ever done that part -- you know, that part. >> by the 1990s, the median age of the people who served in world war ii was around 70. they were growing old and they were disappearing. and there was a powerful sense of nostalgia. and we saw a lot of retrospective looks at aspects

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really didn't know the dynamics of what had happened in their marriage. i mean, it's up to us to find out what are the details. >> detectives learned that sandi met greg at a hockey game in 1990. she pursued him and he fell fast. >> she had a lot of energy. a lot of spunk. >> you seem like you might be a little more low key. >> i am. >> was she a good complement to you? a good fit? >> i think so, yeah. >> in late 1990, the couple got married. sean was born in 1991, daughter katie followed. for the next few years, the couple's life was hectic, but happy. bit in early 1996, 4 months before sandi disappeared, they hit a rough patch. greg moved out of the house. greg told police there were money

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The Albanian Exodus

but no one was available. many authorities here should be doing more to encourage people to stay in places like kukes. for its part, the uk government has set up a project, costing £8 million overfour years, designed to help. that scheme has only been running a couple of months, so is yet to show results, but we can see the sort of thing they're hoping to emulate. this is an agro—tourism operation set up by two brothers who themselves crossed to italy in small boats in the 1990s, returning years later with money to start a business. step by step we invested what we have profits here, and in 12 years we made it what you see. now, it is famous throughout albania. what is the solution to this problem, as far as you see it? translation: | don't think. the solution will come quickly. this will be a slow process. it starts with improving our education system and making economic development fair.

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itjust makes our life fairly uncomfortable. we exist. we don't live the way we should do. there have been countless theories about alistair�*s murder — that it was related to his work in the bank, that its brutality suggested it was the work of a hitman or that there was irish paramilitary involvement. police have investigated all of these, but they've drawn a blank on a motive. until now. remember the havelock, the pub where veronica ran for help in the minutes after alistair was shot? well, back in 2004, it had been taken over by andy burnett. he was 37 at the time. his linkedin profile says he's ex—army, a diplomatic career, posted to germany for five years in the 1990s.

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says he is ex— army a diplomatic career, posted to germany for five years in the 19905. germany for five years in the 1990s. andy bennett installed decking and a new seating area at the havelock hotel in may of 2004, just in time for the summer. he applied for planning permission there was a call for any objections from neighbours, alistair wasn't happy and wrote a letter. here is a section of it.

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Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

>> anthony: how many pounds a day do you get? the shrimping has declined considerably since the 1980s, but the bay still provides a solid livelihood for people like vinh who made it out of vietnam on a tiny handmade boat. his engine died, and he and his family were lost in the south china sea for nine days before being rescued by a cargo ship. he became a united states citizen in 1990 and raised his family here in palacios. so what year did you come here? how long have you been doing this? >> vinh: i have been -- 1985. >> anthony: and what year did you arrive in this country? >> vinh: i left my country in 1979. >> anthony: how old were you when you got here? >> vinh: 21 years old. >> anthony: you were 21. so why shrimp? how did you come to this business? >> vinh: my cousin. >> anthony: cousin, okay. >> vinh: my cousins are living here. >> anthony: right. >> vinh: and i work on a job first, but they told me, they

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process but those were the rules of the game. >> in 1990, years before burgess's election, the department of justice sued to overturn georgia's runoffs system. jonathan, the assistant attorney general for civil rights said the system had a quote, demonstrably chilling effect on the ability of flex to become candidates for public office. calling the majority vote rule a quote, electoral steroid for white candidates. but the court didn't see it that way. >> what the federal courts that is at the justice department failed to offer sufficient proof and so they allowed runoffs to continue. >> not all runoff systems are rooted in racism. maine, for example, as a very small black population that it uses a ranked choice system that is effectively an instant runoff if no candidate reaches 50%. but if you look at the seven states that hold traditional runoff elections, if nobody

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booked for a tackle that some described as one from the 1990s. mexico did have a free kick but it was well saved by martinez, in goal for argentina. was well saved by martinez, in goal forargentina. if argentina was well saved by martinez, in goal for argentina. if argentina lose tonight they are out of the world cup. a draw is a good result for mexico, because they will fancy their chances against saudi arabia in the final group game. who knows, this could be the last time we could see the great lee messi at a world cup tournament. he is 35 now, so unlikely to play in another one. it would be a shame if he went out in the group stage. england and wales have got all to play for for the last group game. england are looking like they are likely to go through. england had the chance to do that against the usa and they failed to take that opportunity. how will they be feeling after that goalless draw? a lot of criticism has come gareth southgate's way. h0

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