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PPP, PML-N's divergent views over govt's ouster come to fore

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January 24, 2021
ISLAMABAD: A day after Bilawal Bhutto Zardari floated the idea of removing the Prime Minister through a no-confidence motion, the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) efforts to oust the government became muddied after Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal said if the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman had the required numbers, he should share them.
In a news conference on Saturday, Iqbal questioned Bilawal’s proposal by voicing the PML-N’s position on the matter. “The recommendation (of a no-trust bid) is an old one. As far as the PML-N is concerned, if PPP has the numbers [for a no-confidence motion to be successful], he should share them,” Iqbal said.

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other entities are winning with scripted programming. >> eric, something tells me you think the new face, the person that's going to be hot in 2014 will not come from reality tv. who do you expect to explode on the scene? >> everybody is looking for the next jennifer lawrence now after the year that she had. i like a girl named shailene woodley. she was a star of a great coming of age movie called "a spectacular now." next year she has her own "hunger games" type series called "divergent." >> john, how about you for you? who do you see as the next big hot thing? >> he set the pace for it in 2013, but i think next year is going to be the year of kevin hart. he had a successful show, "real husbands of hollywood." he broke eddie murphy's box office record with the standup comedy film. today he has a movie in

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while traveling. very cute. the movie "noah" swept the box office raking in estimated $44 million. the biblical story getting mixed reviews for acting and accuracy. divergent got bumped to second place followed by muppets movie. this weekend disney's "frozen" bap the highest grossing animated film of all times with more than a billion worldwide. people in southern california dealt with two sizable earthquakes this weekend. but the dozens check out this m la times showing all of them. experts say they can't predict what happens next. >> we can't predict in the sense of identifying when, where and how it will happen.

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there is nongthing wrong with manafort's attorney talking to the white house, but his client is a cooperator or was a cooperator and attorneys have raised questions about that. what do they know now? what do the president's attorneys know and what does the president know about the areas that bob mueller intends to pursue? what he learned this morning is that there is an area involving -- and michael cohen and concerning this trump tower moscow because now the two men are telling divergent stories. i think you should expect that this spinning will continue and that the president could grow more frantic because it's possible that he sees the walls coming down around him. we just don't know at this point because we don't know what mueller knows. and that's the big question here. >> and maybe to that point, what

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conservative web site which first reported his yearbook page published by a woman that said he sexually assaulted her in 2004. >> this was not only from left field because it didn't happen. >> but you zrid a special relationship with her in the room. it was consensual, is that -- >> yes. >> now, his reference to the post is the washington post. the washington post has said that in 2017 they were contacted. they did talk to a woman making an allegation about sexual miscontact and also talked to him at the time. both were divergent. they haven't been able to get in touch with the woman since. cnn tried to reach out. we have not heard from the woman. >> all right. let's talk about all of this with my experts. let me start with you. what do you make of this new

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they will look at things like whether the states have any harm, because of the divergent of funds allocated to those states. >> now, is it not a constitutional question that as we deal with the balance of powers, legislative, executive and judicial, that once the legislative has -- legislature has voted on this wall -- this money for the wall, for the president then to come back, calling an emergency to put money in the wall that the legislature has already voted on. >> that's correct. this is really the president's way to circumvent congress and the balance of powers. he presented his case. congress said no. and so this is his way of going around. there's no doubt, this is a constitutional crisis. and that is why it's important that we stand united on a bipartisan basis to stop the president in congress and have

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>> what's your sense of where the white house is on this? i mean, the senate did seem to be actually moving forward with some of these things that you're discussing, the gas tax and fees on electric vehicles until president biden came back from europe and then saying that's not going to work for us. is that a reflection of what's going on in the house? and where do you think they're ultimately going to come down? >> where the president is substantively is where they are in the house. he wants to address climate and tax on the wealthy. and he wants to see something bipartisan work out. he's letting the process play out. i just don't think that genuine desire for bipartisanship is consistent with what he also wants to see policywise and the divergent. >> how significant would you say is the frustration currently

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adolescents, usually right after the second shot, and usually a fall recovery just within days. no one has died from this, but certainly an unsettling development. they do say that there is a link i'm not the second is in particular. comes at a time when health experts are trying to encourage young people to get vaccinated, and across the u.s., widely divergent. some states in the u.s. like vermont, more than 60% vaccination rate. other places like mississippi, below 30%. a real concern with this delta variant beginning to spread and on vaccinated areas. there could be a resurgence of the virus. john, back to you. >> john: thanks so much. now to the bombshell development of president biden's border crisis. kamala harris finally set to make her way to the southern border. the announcement coming 91 days after the president put her in charge of getting to the root

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$2.9 million. harder represented hulk hogan in his invasion of privacy lawsuit against a doctor. hogan was awarded $140 million, that verdict led to the doctor's bankruptcy. >> thank you for double duty, thank you. the trump administration apply maximum pressure to iran while taking a different approach to north korea. jillian turner is here with that story, maybe two different approaches. >> widely divergent, donald trump's maximum pressure campaign against two us adversaries, iran, north korea, national security team upping the ante in its battle with tehran but remaining optimistic. fresh on the heels of announcing us withdrawal from a decades-old attack with iran, the trump administration taking on iran with no holds barred.

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