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Atascadero Lake stocked with fresh trout for the catching

–The week before Christmas, the community got an early gift at a local fishing spot.
“Fish and Wildlife planted between 700-1000 sterile trout into Atascadero Lake,” says Nancy Hair with the Friends of the Atascadero Lake. “This is the third fish plant this year. Fish and Wildlife want to increase fishing opportunities for families here in San Luis Obispo County.”
The limit on catching fish is five per person and a fishing license is required for those over 16 years old. Atascadero Lake is a 30-acre reservoir located at Atascadero Lake Park, 9305 Pismo Ave., Atascadero.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife advises, “Trout fishing can be a safe outdoor activity that maintains physical distancing from others as we work to minimize transmission of COVID-19. Anglers must make sure to stay six feet from anyone not in their same household, wear a face mask, wash hands with soap and water whenever possible, follow all fishing regulations, and stay safe.”

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