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Candlelight vigil for Kristin Smart happening Saturday in Paso Robles

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–Family, friends, and supporters of the Kristin Smart family will gather in downtown Paso Robles on Saturday evening for a candlelight vigil for Kristin Smart. The vigil will start at 7 p.m. at Paso Robles Downtown City Park. This week San Luis Obispo County District Attorney charged Paul Flores with murdering Smart over 20 years ago.
There will be guests and speakers including:
Christopher Lambert, creator of Your Own Backyard podcast
Carla Clawson Hoffman, Smart family advocate, and Find Kristin Smart administrator
Pascoe Bowen, longtime #WarriorForKristin and activist for the cause
Athena Sorenson, singer
Robin Babb and Jackie Rivas, interpreters for the hearing impaired

Sibella Court-designed Loftus home renovation features Easycraft products

Products used in the Loftus home renovation include easyREGENCY, easyASCOT (Dado), easyLINE and easyVJ wall panels.

New NCCN guidelines explain how to recognize and manage immunotherapy-related side effects

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New NCCN guidelines explain how to recognize and manage immunotherapy-related side effects
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network
®) today announced the completion of the new NCCN Guidelines for Patients
®: Immunotherapy Side Effects series, with the publication of a book focused on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. This closely follows the publication of a separate book on immune checkpoint inhibitors, both created with support from the NCCN Foundation
"These guidelines explain, organize, and streamline a complex and rapidly evolving concept," said Olalekan Oluwole, MD, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, a member of the NCCN Guidelines® Panel for Management of Immunotherapy-Related Toxicities. "Traditional chemotherapy treatment affects all cells, and often fails to completely eradicate cancer. It can also leave patients with long-term complications, including other forms of cancer. CAR T-cell therapy is new in that, unlike chemotherapy, it focuses on using qualities of the immune system to target cancer. The targeting is akin to a heat seeking missile that won't stop until it takes out any cell with the target, leading to potential long-term or permanent remission. CAR T is given one time, unlike chemotherapy, which is given over multiple cycles and could go on for months or years. However, patients are often surprised to learn that the single CAR T infusion includes a 28-day monitoring period during which they need to stay in close proximity to their treatment center."

NCCN: What People with Cancer and their Caregivers Need to Know about CAR T-Cell Therapy

NCCN: What People with Cancer and their Caregivers Need to Know about CAR T-Cell Therapy
PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pennsylvania, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Comprehensive Cancer Network
) today announced the completion of the new NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Immunotherapy Side Effects series, with the publication of a book focused on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. This closely follows the publication of a separate book on immune checkpoint inhibitors, both created with support from the NCCN Foundation
Olalekan Oluwole, MD, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, a member of the NCCN Guidelines
Panel for Management of Immunotherapy-Related Toxicities. "Traditional chemotherapy treatment affects all cells, and often fails to completely eradicate cancer. It can also leave patients with long-term complications, including other forms of cancer. CAR T-cell therapy is new in that, unlike chemotherapy, it focuses on using qualities of the immune system to target cancer. The targeting is akin to a heat seeking missile that won't stop until it takes out any cell with the target, leading to potential long-term or permanent remission. CAR T is given one time, unlike chemotherapy, which is given over multiple cycles and could go on for months or years. However, patients are often surprised to learn that the single CAR T infusion includes a 28-day monitoring period during which they need to stay in close proximity to their treatment center."

Here Are All of the Philadelphia Coronavirus Relief Fund Recipients So Far

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If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. If you're a scraper, please click the link below :-)
Note that clicking the link below will block access to this site for 24 hours.
By I'm a scraper
Here Are All the Businesses That Have Received Money from Philly’s Coronavirus Relief Fund So Far
Some examples: $60,000 for Nuts to You, $40,000 each for Michael Solomonov's Abe Fisher and fancy Rittenhouse boutique Joan Shepp, and $25,000 for Marc Lamont Hill's Germantown book shop.
5/14/2020, 4:16 p.m.
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Zip hybrid tap in brass matches luxury aesthetic at refurbished historic hotel

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A historic hotel from the previous century, Hotel Palisade was recently restored with the imaginative design representing a celebration of bygone eras. Located in Miller’s Point in the historic Rocks district of Sydney, the hotel is sited beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Built in 1915 as a pub for port workers and local residents, Hotel Palisade has seen its fair share of change over the decades.
Local design studio The Society Inc. was engaged to carry out the refurbishment. The ground floor houses the lower level bar Public House where guests are instantly absorbed in the layers of rich history, as the hotel’s past comes to life through industrial touches and design inspired by the trades and workers that once occupied the harbour.

'Tecumseh!' summer outdoor drama latest cancellation due to coronavirus - Entertainment & Life - The Columbus Dispatch

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Apr 7, 2020 at 10:40 AM
CHILLICOTHE — The long-running outdoor drama "Tecumseh!," which was scheduled to open in June, will not be entertaining Ohio audiences this summer due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Scioto Society Inc., which runs "Tecumseh!" and other productions at Sugarloaf Mountain amphitheater near Chillicothe in Ross County, announced Monday that it is canceling its 2020 summer season because of the pandemic. The society had earlier announced that its scheduled production of "The Sound of Music" is being moved to 2021.
Brandon Smith, producer/CEO of the Scioto Society, said the ultimate concern was that they could not guarantee the health of the 100 members of the cast and crew, the audience and community.

Founder of the Dallas Black Dance Theatre Ann Williams

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Williams has been honored with many awards in her life for
her commitment to the arts.
According to the Dallas Black Dance Theatre website, she is a member of several national and international service organizations including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Trinity Chapter–The Links, Inc., The Society, Inc.–Dallas Chapter, Charter 100, Dallas Chapter Associates of Jack and Jill of America, Lifetime member of NAACP, The Dallas Holidays Bridge Group, Bridge Interest Group, and the 13 Hearts Bridge Club.

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Expressive Hand Paint Your Own Pottery

Boy Shake

Ink Hair

Little Learners

Central Tattoo

Campus Hair Skin

Richmond Tool

Parkour Academy

Tea House

Icy Cold

Luxe Nail

Rock Philadelphia

Only Rock

Rose Petals Christian Learning Experience

Dolce Caffe

Garden Restaurant

Owl Tech

Mamas Daycare

Jung Inn

Beauty Supply

Black Cat Tavern

Tubby Olive

Shelf Lounge

Step Physical Therapy

Champion Learning

Care Learning

Point Oriental Medicine

Water Ice

Food Market

Occasion Cakes

Discount Store

Street Hardware

Investment Group

Day Care

Childs First Step Daycare

Novel Idea

Isis Events

Braiding African

Clean Cuts

Beautiful Hair

Lobby Shop

Auto Repair

Steps With Little Feet

Wax Studio

Capriccio Cafe

Wills Eye

Community Learning Center

Moi Infinity

Heart Cambodia

Fit Chestnut Hill

Fit Frankford Ave

Greatness Learning Center

Tree Care Services

Conquer Childcare Academy

Beauty Salon

Who Styled

East Society

River Designworks

Given Gift Salon

Kreative Hands

Loco Food Vending

Chef Haneef Ali

Made Creations

Street Learning Center

Beacon Of Light

Little Hands

Feet Child Care

Clean Out

Dominican Beauty

Industrial Maintenance

Kids Christian Learning

Town Construction

Mariae Bermudez

Valley Christian Academy

Builders Learning Academy

Anntoinette Salon

Street Works

Hair Loft

Snow Company

Design Group

Jalabee Dayspa

Jalabee Cosmetic

Organic Marketing

Family Child

Comcast Center

Sugaring Studios

Cold Treats

Soul Branding

Gloves Cleaning Company

About Prevention

Rainbow Learning Center

Spider Beauty Salon

Rosa Inc

Nurturing Nest Early Learning

Mini Miracles Childcare

Fresh Grill

Real Estate

Spruce Real Estate Partners

Foot Concepts

Tun Win

Hand Workshop

Culturetrust Greater

Learning Institute

Seal Cleaners

Broad Street Real Estate

Latinos Multi Services



Woodward County

Kelli Shaw

Michael Didier

Kevin Mitchell

Debbie Kinney

Krissy Mosbarger

Woodward County District Attorney Office


Rescue President Debbie Kinney

Woodward Animal Hospital

President Misty Hackley

Pawsitive Restorations

Woodward Animal

Woodward County Sheriff Kevin Mitchell

Woodward County District Attorney

Rescue Society

Woodward Sheriffs Department

District Attorney


New South Wales


Dom Beinke

Henry Deane

Hotel Palisade

Sydney Harbour

Public House

Zip Water

Ross County









Mike Dewine

Brandon Smith

Ross County Heritage Center

Ross Chillicothe Convention Visitors Bureau

Ohio Arts Council


Scioto Society

Scioto Society Inc

Sugarloaf Mountain

Columbus Dispatch

Cead Mile Failte

Detillion Landscaping

Ross Chillicothe Convention

Visitors Bureau

Adena Mansion

Ohio Arts




Ann Williams

Links Inc

Alpha Kappa Sorority Inc

International Association Of Blacks

Dallas Chapter Associates Of Jack

Dance Council Of North Texas

Bridge Interest Group

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Dance Council

North Texas

Advisory Board

High School

Visual Arts

International Association

Alpha Kappa Sorority

Trinity Chapter

Dallas Chapter

Dallas Chapter Associates

Dallas Holidays Bridge Group



Memorial Hill Cemetery

New Mexico



Reta Snyder

Chuck Mcmanis

Kem Cottrill

Lindsay Riojas

Jane Ellen Snyder

Robert Mcmanis

Megan Garrick

Jane Bergen

Valerie Bassett

Connor Mcmanis

Charles Chuck Mcmanis

Levelland Credit Bureau

Dian Fry

Billings Funeral Home

Charles Donald Akin

Jane Ellen

Levelland Credit

Super Star Wash

Donna Akin

Denise Akin

New York

Jarred Taylor

Kelly Lemon

Charles Akin

Danny Akin


North Carolina

Lori Gardner

Limaya Atembina

Solove Research Institute

Association Of Community Cancer Centers

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Billings Clinic Cancer Center

Executive Vice President

Community Cancer Centers

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Care

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Care Workshops

Outer Banks Hospital

Nags Head

Clinic Cancer Center

James Cancer Hospital

Solove Research

Media Inquiries

Project Inquiries

Trending Now

Taylor Swift

Golden Knights

Mike Pence


Moses Brown



Argentina Vs Uruguay

England Vs Scotland


Kyrie Irving

Billy Fuccillo

Tommy John Surgery

Michael Costello

Milkha Singh

Paul Mccartney

Cole Beasley

Drinking Alcohol

India Vs New Zealand

College World Series


Nick Suzuki





Liza Koshy

Canadian Montreal

Montreal Canadiens

Alberta Vaccine

Kemba Walker

Luke Richardson

Formel 1




Deutschland Portugal

Christoph Kramer

Christine Neubauer

Harry Kane

Francoise Hardy


Argentine Uruguay



Antoine Griezmann

Clippers Jazz

Terance Mann

Cedric Jubillar


Anne Sinclair



Rtv Utrecht

Voetbal Ek


Sywert Van Lienden

Kees Jansma

Delta Variant

Marco Borsato

Radio 1



Elba Ramalho


Variante Delta

Chico Buarque

Ben Brereton



Lucas Lima

America Mg




Marcos Oliver

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Inggris Vs Skotlandia

So Not Worth It

Travis Scott

Adelin Lis

Nagita Slavina


Fadli Zon

I Love You Silly

Voice 4

Chile Vs Bolivia

Heidi Klum

Syakir Daulay

Diego Helguera

Carlos Bilardo

Julio Cesar Chavez


Claudia Martin


Edin Dzeko


Erkan Petekkaya


Mustafa Cengiz

Berat Albayrak

Binnur Kaya

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jose Rizal

Young Jae

Lebron Lopez

Big Bad Wolf

Mclaren 620r

Lee Hyun

Rurouni Kenshin

Elite Season 4


Scott Cawthon

Pokemon Unite

Argentina Uruguay


Asia Argento

Marco Rossi

Arrigo Sacchi


Carla Diaz

Carmelo Abbate

Dredd La Legge Sono Io


Mika Singh


Rahul Gandhi

म ल ख स ह

Bihar Board 10th Result 2021

Skoda Kushaq

Sergio Ramos Real Madrid


June 19

Ind Vs Eng


Win Sports

Feliz Dia Del Padre

Martin Elias


Copa America



Phil Foden

Jack Grealish

Puskas Arena


Happy Fathers Day

Jagame Thandhiram

Sydney Fc

Chris Kirubi

Ashley Young



Green Park Terminus

Angie Motshekga


Brazil Vs Peru

Mariah Carey

Aung San Suu Kyi

Formula 1



Hospital Playlist

Melbourne Storm

Fathers Day

Toby Greene


Brisbane Lions

Seth Curry

Sydney Fc Vs Adelaide United

Kevin Hart

Shamima Begum


Jesse Lingard


Football Score

Rod Stewart

Chesham And Amersham

Patrik Schick

Marcus Rashford

Yes Siri Can Boogie