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who used to have the job that valerie parlave, assistant director in charge of the washington field office for the fbi, had. sean henry. sean, give us a breakdown of what the fbi is doing right now. they have identified the dead shooter, he is 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. they put pictures of him on the website. the evidence response team is going into the scene of the crime. what is the job of the fbi right now? >> first and foremost, they want to make sure public safety is intact. they will be looking to make sure there are no other shooters, there's no other co-conspirators that were working with alexis. the way they'll do that is they'll start, after they identify him, go out and interview people that know him, relatives, associates, business colleagues. they'll look to execute search warrants on his residence and his vehicle. they'll probably serve judicial documents to get his cell records and to get some of his electronic media, maybe computers and those sorts of things. because what you really want to do is expand the scope and make sure there are no other

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director in charge of the washington field office of the fbi. p-a-r-l-a-v-e. we can confirm the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. we have posted photographs of mr. alexis on our website,, and we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at 1-800-call fbi. no piece of information is too small. we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements, his contacts and his associates. this remains a very active investigation. we currently have our evidence response team moving in to process the scenes where the shootings took place. we will also continue to run down every lead and we will continue to work together on this investigation with our law enforcement partners. again, we ask the public to look at the photos of the deceased

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correspondent who was just at this press conference. joe, a lot of information given at this press conference. the first time law enforcement has on the record given the name of the shooter who is now dead. >> reporter: right, right. 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. but a lot of the other information they're keeping close to the vest. apparently they will post his picture and name and what information they have on their fbi website to try to get more information. other things, i think we probably have already reported that there's now 13 people dead. we probably know that. the most interesting thing that i took away from this news conference was d.c. police chief cathy lanier describing the interactions between active shooter teams that rushed in within seven minutes after the first shooting, and what appear to be something of a kind of running gun battle inside there between themselves and the

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building they were making transmissions and keeping command informed as to what they were coming across as they went through. multiple victim. there was gunfire still going on. this is what we trained for and were able to pull shooter teams together and in partners with the national capitol region, pulled officers from different agencies, put them on sage team and get them in the building within seven minutes. >> would have kept shooting? >> no question he would have kept shooting. >> the active shooter teams, these were officers in blues and not squat s.w.a.t. gear and they were trained to go in there. >> the officers engaged in the first deployment in there are patrol officers in uniform patrols to include the officers that were engaged in the last what appears to be the last gunfoot. uniform patrol officers on routine patrol responded to the call on the scene within minutes. so the years of training and practicing and coordinating with

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any and all information. thank you. >> there is any indication mr. alexis had a military background? >> no other questions until we get -- >> thank you. >> chief. >> thank you for the opportunity just to say that what you're seeing here is the teamwork that goes into every law enforcement and public safety enterprise here in the d.c. area every day, and as you'll learn over the days the heroism of the number of different entities and their officers did make a difference in today's outcome, and as the story unfolds we'll know more and be able to share more with you. thank you. >> i've just come from the house of representatives. it's not on lockdown, i understand the senate is on lockdown. of course the house is not in session tonight. when the house reconvenes tomorrow i will lead a moment of silence for yet another heartbreak in our city

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guy -- >> the first call for police arrived and within literally two to three minutes police officers were on the scene. now, internal security had already engaged -- identified and engaged the suspect and we had victims down at that point. within seven minutes we had active shooter teams inside the building, moving through the building. there was multiple engagements with the suspect that was deceased eventually. metropolitan police and park police, our preliminary action, got into a final gun battle with the suspect that is deceased. but there were multiple incidents within that time frame in which there was gunfight with the suspect that is deceased. >> we have heard from some of your people who we talked to, this is one of the worst things they had ever seen. can you describe what they found when they went in there? >> certainly was one of the worth things we have seen in washington, dc. as officers moved through the

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our partners has been effective. >> can you give us a ballpark on the number of rounds he may have fired? >> no there's just so many questions, i can't give you exact times right now. obviously there's still a lot of ongoing investigation before we get to the summary -- we're not going to comment on evidence, not going to comment on any details of evidence and we're not going to comment on actions. we have police officers actively engaged. all of that will come later. we'll come back in two hours. and then we'll do another then four hours later. >> how he got on to the navy yard? there must be -- >> did he have an i.d.? >> yes. >> can you tell fours the briefing. >> how long did it take to put down the shooter in. >> we're not going to comment on that right now. >> thank you all very much.

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>> neil: that is very interesting. the last question, how long did it take to put down the shooterment we know from experts there talking to the press, were called at 8:15 a.m. and by 9:15 a.m. it was over. but by that time, the shooter, who is now really getting a great deal of attention in the media, whether he worked there or not, aaron alexis, has killed now 13 people. 13 victims, which equals the body count in ft. hood, texas, as the worst military installation disaster, horrific military attack at that, since ft. hood in 2009. i've got aaron cullen joining us. from what you heard, authorities say they quickly wanted to take this guy down because if they didn't, he would have kept shooting. looks like within an hour after

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once you get there, you good tote a secure location, take out your weapon and then apparently he immediately attacked the guard, and if that's what happened, that would explain a lot of things. what i would suggest, neil, is that homeland security certainly cia, have already been contacted. they're going to try to sort through to see if there were any communiques between this particular guy and -- that was killed, alexis, and anything that went overseas. so, that's going to take some time to figure out. i don't know. if it was just one guy, proves to be just one the one shooter, neil, you have heard it, you'll hear it again, i tell you it is probably just workplace violence, especially if there are no communications with anybody out of the country. >> neil: nothing odd about the timing or day. a lot of people jumping on the near to 9/11. jumping on syria. but in a workplace violence situation, none of that really

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