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our partners has been effective. >> can you give us a ballpark on the number of rounds he may have fired? >> no there's just so many questions, i can't give you exact times right now. obviously there's still a lot of ongoing investigation before we get to the summary -- we're not going to comment on evidence, not going to comment on any details of evidence and we're not going to comment on actions. we have police officers actively engaged. all of that will come later. we'll come back in two hours. and then we'll do another then four hours later. >> how he got on to the navy yard? there must be -- >> did he have an i.d.? >> yes. >> can you tell fours the briefing. >> how long did it take to put down the shooter in. >> we're not going to comment on that right now. >> thank you all very much.

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record. two or three years ago, he got arrested. in texas, where firing a firearm in public. so there is going to be enough public information about him who his roommate described as a mild-mannered buddhist who you and i know is kind of a way of life, that would not be consistent with this level of violence whatsoever. so there was a lot to be learned yet. >> what we are told tonight from joe shannon jr., criminal district attorney in parent county, texas, aaron alexis was arrested on september 4th, 2010 by ft. worth police on accusations he recklessly discharg discharged a my arm. it was determined that alexis was cleaning a gun in his apartment when it accidentally went off. a bullet entered an apartment upstai upstairs. no one was injured. after reviewing the facts as presented by the police department, it was determined

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>> what was the situation afterwards you just moved -- >> he was shot in the head and did not look like he made it so i ran from there. >> i would say around where the man was laying down there was definitely panic as people were trying to get to work. that was a little more panicked i think when i first saw the man no one was pointing to them, people started to run up to him, maybe they were nurses or doctors and not at work yet or what not. they were did he have in any eventually -- definitely tending to him and it was unfolding right there. >> the gunman is dead, he's been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of fortworth texas. he was a civilian contractor who worked there. tom costello has been following the developments on the ground in the shadows of nationals park. according to cathy lanier, this area is on lockdown as they

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they got there it was done but he had already done a great deal of damage. >> yeah. the response protocol, neil, for what they call an active shooter, which is what we saw or the chief was explaining, is they obviously have a joint or multiagency task force that is properly armed and equipped to be able to respond to that type of threat. they show up to the location and the goal of the active shooter team is to just chop seconds off the ability of the shooter to fire rounds. so essentially it's every second you waste, another innocent person could be killed. so great job with the response. the red flag for me, and the congresswoman -- when she was speaking to the media, said we don't want to pass judgment, but the truth is, you have to pass judgment when it comes to our nation's security, especially at a facility that is designed to protect our nation, and so the

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>> neil: that is very interesting. the last question, how long did it take to put down the shooterment we know from experts there talking to the press, were called at 8:15 a.m. and by 9:15 a.m. it was over. but by that time, the shooter, who is now really getting a great deal of attention in the media, whether he worked there or not, aaron alexis, has killed now 13 people. 13 victims, which equals the body count in ft. hood, texas, as the worst military installation disaster, horrific military attack at that, since ft. hood in 2009. i've got aaron cullen joining us. from what you heard, authorities say they quickly wanted to take this guy down because if they didn't, he would have kept shooting. looks like within an hour after

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once you get there, you good tote a secure location, take out your weapon and then apparently he immediately attacked the guard, and if that's what happened, that would explain a lot of things. what i would suggest, neil, is that homeland security certainly cia, have already been contacted. they're going to try to sort through to see if there were any communiques between this particular guy and -- that was killed, alexis, and anything that went overseas. so, that's going to take some time to figure out. i don't know. if it was just one guy, proves to be just one the one shooter, neil, you have heard it, you'll hear it again, i tell you it is probably just workplace violence, especially if there are no communications with anybody out of the country. >> neil: nothing odd about the timing or day. a lot of people jumping on the near to 9/11. jumping on syria. but in a workplace violence situation, none of that really

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director in charge of the washington field office of the fbi. p-a-r-l-a-v-e. we can confirm the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. we have posted photographs of mr. alexis on our website,, and we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at 1-800-call fbi. no piece of information is too small. we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements, his contacts and his associates. this remains a very active investigation. we currently have our evidence response team moving in to process the scenes where the shootings took place. we will also continue to run down every lead and we will continue to work together on this investigation with our law enforcement partners. again, we ask the public to look at the photos of the deceased

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so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. breaking news, of course we're referring to the frantic search for answers after the shooting at the u.s. navy yard in washington, d.c. the accused gunman is a civilian contractor identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas, he is dead. as are 12 victims and police officer among the wounded. we're expecting a live update in a few minutes and we'll bring that to you when it happens.

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at each other suspiciously across the country at workplaces. >> clearly if somebody has the intention i want to harm this person or i would like to see this person dead, that's certainly a sign. if somebody is acting odd, oddly related or seems paranoid -- be more curious, what are you hearing them say. do they seem more paranoid than usual. do you see a change, is someone more isolated, have you heard something about their life where you're lining up the losses they're experiencing, do they seem more irritable. it is more of an awareness, having a center to refer the people to so that a professional can do an evaluation and say hey, this person might be more at risk. >> amazing. doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> easy for us to judge what's possible now. but there are 13 families, including those of the shooter i guess, wondering what happened and why, and why a normal day, a

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34-year-old, the name one more time? >> 34-year-old aaron alexis of ft. worth, texas. >> ar roron alix is of ft. wort texas. >> at last check he was a civilian contractor? >> correct. >> the death toll jumped now to 12. any reason to believe that that number would also climb? >> i would just be very careful about these numbers. even the official numbers. frankly, everyone we talk to gives us a different number. that's understandable. it's still all of the pieces are still being put together. they are several different agencies involved. we can't frankly rule out the possibility that the number that the police chief was given to relate this news conference might have involved double acting. we can't say with confidence what the number was of wounded

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