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BYU Recruits to Watch in the Utah State Championships

Some of BYU's top targets will play for Utah state championships on Friday

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FOX and Friends Sunday

this, what is so disturbing how differently the department of justice treats the trump case as opposed to clinton's. rachel: no more equal justice. it is really awful. will: since we had this on the couch i just learned, i didn't know, leading scorer for a season of byu football. you were the placekicker this story is something i think you are capable of touching on with direct personal experience. that is, we saw in the wake of the byu-duke story that turned out to be mostly a nothing burger what followed is this when byu played oregon last night in college football. >> [bleep] the mormons. [bleep] the mormons. [bleep] will: jason university of order gone has apologized. that student section apologized. those are oregon students. we all think it is connected to this story that dominated the news last week. but it is also nothing new.

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California WR Josiah "Jojo" Phillips Commits to BYU

Phillips is a dual-sport athlete out of California with various P5 offers who committed to BYU

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Texas Athlete Saimone Davis Commits to BYU

Saimone Davis is a 6'5 athlete who was recruited by BYU as a defensive lineman

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