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Game of Thrones made host of stars multi-millionaires... we reveal the rich list

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Katy Docherty
Updated: Apr 19 2021, 21:21 ET
WINTER is coming – but this wealthy lot won’t have any problems keeping warm.
Game Of Thrones stars have racked up fortunes thanks to the success of the Sky Atlantic fantasy series, which first launched in the UK ten years ago this month. The hit show ran for eight seasons from 2011 to 2019.
We take a look at some of the biggest earners on Game of ThronesCredit: AP:Associated Press
But finance expert Gemma Godfrey reckons there is more to Hollywood money-making than talent alone.
She said: “You can see that some people have cashed in on their talent and success and have continued to build their wealth by pursuing more films.

Game Of Thrones' rich list is revealed after stars earn millions following their stint on HBO show

The rich list for the cast of Game Of Thrones was revealed on Tuesday, following the tenth anniversary of the fantasy epic.
A number of the lead stars have earned millions following their stint on the HBO hit, not only because of their appearance on the show but also through investments and brand deals. 
According to the list, which has been calculated based on the actor's general net worth, Sean Bean came out on top of the rich list despite only appearing in the show's first season after amassing a staggering £19.6 million fortune. 
Interesting: Game Of Thrones' rich list was revealed on Tuesday, and Sean Bean came out on top with £19.6 million net worth, despite only being in ONE season (pictured in character)

Opinion | 'Game of Thrones' was the last must-watch pop culture aimed at adults

In the decade since the show's premiere, nothing has done quite as good a job of asking huge, hard-to-answer questions and playing with expectations.

Game of Thrones at 10: can a deluge of publicity preserve its legacy?

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But does the biggest TV drama of the last decade need such a huge PR push? Bizarrely, it seems the answer is yes. The Iron Anniversary may initially sound like a self-aggrandising flex – commissioning a dragon-themed Fabergé egg isn’t cheap – but it also feels like a conscious attempt to draw a line under the unfortunate way GoT wrapped up in 2019. What should have been a victory lap somehow turned into a car crash, tainting the legacy of the most Emmy-garlanded TV drama in history. That wobbly eighth season – with on-screen storylines and behind-the-scenes rumours endlessly analysed by hungry fans and media – caused a passionate and vitriolic backlash, with more than a million viewers signing a petition calling for an alternative ending by “competent writers”. When the compromised ending finally arrived, complete with a personality transplant for Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys, it seemed to snuff out Thrones-mania at a stroke, an unwelcome final twist in a rug-pulling franchise built on them.

Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke reacts to "inevitable" prequels

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke reacts to many "inevitable" prequel shows
And there are many.
Game of Thrones was the definitive TV show for the 2010s, but now it's come to an end. While the franchise will continue on the small screen with prequels and spin-offs, it won't be with the cast and characters we've known for the best part of a decade.
Original series star Emilia Clarke has thrown her support behind everyone working on new
Thrones material, although she did note that it was "inevitable" that people would want to keep the franchise going.

What really happens when you join the world's most exclusive dating site

When I first heard about Raya, the elite dating app for celebrities, I was desperate to join.
Who wouldn’t want the chance to date top footballers, Hollywood actors and lusted-over pop stars? Ever since its launch in 2015, the site has attracted celebrities from all areas of life with one thing in common: fame.
Celebs reported to have memberships include Normal People actor Paul Mescal, Hollywood stars Sharon Stone and Channing Tatum, TV personality David Walliams, pop star Harry Styles, supermodel Cara Delevingne, plus A-list actors including Owen Wilson, Matthew Perry and Emilia Clarke (though she swiftly deleted the app). And masses of footballers. Spurs’ Dele Alli is reported to have signed up last month.

Emilia Clarke Reveals Her Thoughts on Game of Thrones Spinoff Plans

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Emilia Clarke Reveals Her Thoughts on Game of Thrones Spinoff Plans
Game of Thrones spinoff plans. The Daenerys Targaryen actress sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the good old days in Season 1. However, as the conversation continued, the presence of these spinoffs began to loom larger and larger over time. HBO is rolling full steam ahead with expanding the kingdom of Westeros in the age of streaming. The company has made no secret that George R.R. Martin’s work keeps people coming back for more and they plan to make full use of that talent. However, Clarke would be a great spokesperson for the other side of that notoriety. During the initial run, she was a bit of a fan favorite early on. (It wasn’t hard to root for her in the beginning at all with so many terrible people running around.) But, near the end there, the story had other plan for the Queen of Dragons and the backlash came. So, she’s just cautioning the new crop of stars to understand how passionate the fanbase can be.

Fabien Frankel joins 'Game of Thrones' prequel

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Author of the article: WENN - World Entertainment News Network
Publishing date: Apr 16, 2021  •  3 hours ago  •  1 minute read  • 
This file image released by HBO shows Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister in an episode of "Game of Thrones." Photo by Macall B. Polay /HBO via AP, File
Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page.
Article content
Actor Fabien Frankel has landed a starring role in HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel.
The Brit, who appeared opposite Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in 2019′s Last Christmas, has been cast as Ser Criston Cole – a member of King Viserys I Targaryen’s Kingsguard – in the upcoming House of the Dragon.

Emilia Clarke Shares Thoughts on the 'Game of Thrones' Prequel Series | Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

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April 17 marks the 10-year anniversary of
Emilia Clarke is looking back at her time on the show in celebration of the occasion!
The 34-year-old actress, who was only 23 when she landed the role of Daenerys Targaryen, says she still doesn’t know how to wrap her head around the experience.
“I honestly still look back at it and go, ‘I’m so not at a point where I can retrospectively see this for what it is.’ I think I’ll be 90 when I can actually do that,”
Emilia said in a new interview with
Entertainment Weekly. “The experience was so enormous, and so all-consuming, and defines me at that young moment in my life. You kind of look back at it like you would high school or college. When you’re young like that, you’re so in the moment.”

Revisiting the Games of Thrones Pilot 10 Years Later

Revisiting the 'Game Of Thrones' Pilot 10 Years Later
Before it was a worldwide phenomenon, it was just a new HBO show with a hell of a good hook.
This essay is part of our series 
Episodes, a column in which senior contributor Valerie Ettenhofer digs into the singular chapters of television that make the medium great. This entry looks back on the Game of Thrones pilot, “Winds of Winter,” for its tenth anniversary. You could call it a Very Special Episodes.
Even the biggest show in the world has to start somewhere. Before
Game of Thrones won a record-breaking fifty-nine Emmys, dominated a decade’s worth of watercooler conversations, and changed the scope of television forever, it was simply a new HBO show with something to prove. And on April 17, 2011, the pilot episode, “Winter is Coming,” started off with a bang — or, more specifically, a beheading.

Game of Thrones 10th anniversary: Where the original cast are now

Game of Thrones 10th anniversary: Where the original cast are now
From Marvel blockbusters to Netflix's Snowpiercer
The show won numerous Emmys over the eight series run (Image: Getty Images)
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It’s remarkable to think that a decade has now flown by since Game of Thrones first landed on our screens.

Game of Thrones unaired pilot | How the first pilot episode went wrong

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Saturday, 17th April 2021 at 9:00 am
Game of Thrones was a disaster. Nothing made sense, it looked terrible and the cast weren’t happy. At best, those who saw it offered backhanded compliments – at worst, they called it a “pile of sh**.” With millions of dollars down the pan, showrunner David Benioff and DB Weiss were in serious trouble.
Or, as future Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin told them at the time – “you guys have a massive problem.”
But of course, this wasn’t the Game of Thrones that the rest of the world was first introduced to 10 years ago today on 17th April, 2011.

All of Game of Thrones' unanswered questions on the HBO show's 10th anniversary

All of Game of Thrones' unanswered questions on the HBO show's 10th anniversary
Game of Thrones was a rip-roaring success when it first aired back in 2011. From shock deaths to its legendary sex scenes, the HBO programme captured the nation with its blend of fantasy and drama - but there were many questions left unanswered
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'Game of Thrones' Prequel Adds Fabien Frankel to Its Cast

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'Game of Thrones' Prequel Adds Fabien Frankel to Its Cast
Emilia Clarke's co-star in 2019 film 'Last Christmas' has been cast as Ser Criston Cole, a member of King Viserys I Targaryen's Kingsguard, on the upcoming 'House of the Dragon' series.
Apr 17, 2021
Last Christmas", has been cast as Ser Criston Cole - a member of King Viserys I Targaryen's Kingsguard - on the upcoming "
In a post on his blog, author George R.R. Martin described the character as a knight whose bold actions helped pave the way to civil war.
"He is the common-born son of the steward to the Lord of Blackhaven," he teased. "He has no claim to lands or titles, all he has is his honor and his skill with sword and lance."

Ten years of Game of Thrones: 'it helped put Malta on people's radar'

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Game of Thrones is celebrating its 10th birthday today but 11 years ago, when season one was shot in Malta, no one could have imagined it would grow into a global TV phenomenon.
The HBO mega-series soon had fans travelling across the world to visit filming locations.
At its humble beginnings, the source material was a popular novel series with a huge cult following. But beyond that, there was none of the hype later associated with the brand, the Malta Film Commission (MFC) said.
Most of the actors, with the exception of Sean Bean, were still relatively unknown. The same cannot be said of Jason Momoa, Emilia Clark and Maisie Williams today.

Game of Thrones: HBO teases fans with 'Winter is coming' tweet

HBO's Twitter account declares that 'Winter is coming' and many fans ask for a remake as they reply to the iconic catchphrase.

House of the Dragon: Fabien Frankel cast in key role

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House of the Dragon: Fabien Frankel cast in key role
Thu Apr 15, 2021 at 8:58pm ET
Fabien Frankel joins the cast of HBO’s House of the Dragon. Pic credit: Netflix
Fabien Frankel has been cast in HBO’s upcoming epic fantasy series, House of the Dragon. He will play the role of Ser Criston Cole.
While relatively new on the acting scene, Frankel has previously starred alongside Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in the recent movie, Last Christmas. In addition to this, he also starred in the co-production between BBC One and Netflix, The Serpent, according to Variety.
Frankel will join fellow cast members Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine, Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith, Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans, Eve Best, and Sonoya Mizuno in House of the Dragon.

House Of The Dragon: Fabien Frankel, Emilia Clarke's Last Christmas Co-Star Joins The Show For A Key Role

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House Of The Dragon: Fabien Frankel, Emilia Clarke’s Last Christmas Co-Star Joins The Show For A Key Role
Interestingly, if you remember Fabien Frankel has worked with Emilia Clarke in her latest release Last Christmas.
April 16, 2021
Fabien Frankel Enters House Of The Dragon To Play A Very Pivotal Part(Pic Credit: IMDb)
If there is one show that has all the eyes waiting is George RR Martin’s House Of The Dragon. No doubt, it has become one of the most anticipated shows and the makers dropping surprises with the 2D sketches of dragons and casting update has made the wait difficult. Turns out the show has another addition to the cast and it is none other than Fabien Frankel.

Which 20 celebrities have the most soothing voices to fall asleep to?

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Sir David Attenborough (Credit:levradin/Shutterstock) Snoop Dogg (Credit: OvidiuHrubaru/Shutterstock) and Morgan Freeman (Credit: s_bukley/Shutterstock)
It seems these celebrities help us fall asleep whilst listening to music, celebrity podcasts and audiobooks.
Standing as the celebrity with the most soothing voice to fall asleep to is the national treasure Sir David Attenborough, receiving 89% of votes. according to a survey by TheDozyOwl.
Sleep expert Alex Ion from TheDozyOwlsaid: “Positive feelings are stimulated by our senses - one of which is sound. Hearing a voice that carries a benevolent and trustworthy authority makes you feel comforted and relaxed. Such positive stimulation will reduce the amount of cortisol (aka. The Stress Hormone) being produced in your brain allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Will HBO remake 'Game of Thrones' Season 8? Real meaning behind cryptic 'Winter is Coming' tweet

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Truth behind  ‘Winter is Coming’ tweet
As soon as the fans saw the tweet, they started speculating that something big is coming. People also said that the network might have heard their voices and is planning to come out with another ‘GoT’ season. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The social media handle has been posting a lot of content in recent times and it is for promoting the new “Iron Anniversary” event on HBO Max, which celebrates the show being 10 years old. The ‘Game of Thrones’ Twitter account has also requested fans to “MaraThrone” the entire series to raise money for various charities.

Emilia Clarke cuts a casual figure in long black coat

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The Game of Thrones icon kept her accessories minimal for the low-key stroll but wore a black leather bag across her body with brown straps. 
Emilia wore her dark tresses in loose waves over her shoulders and opted for a natural makeup look to show off her pretty features as she stepped out. 
Relaxed: The actress, 34, wrapped up warm in a long black coat and beanie as she walked through the capital while catching up with a female pal
Stepping out: She put on a typically stylish display and underneath her coat wore a black jumper and straight-leg white jeans

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