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'The Battle at Lake Changjin' Hits $770 Million After Third Weekend Leading the China Box Office

“The Battle at Lake Changjin” is on course to become one of the top three films of all...

'James Bond' Films, Ranked From Worst to Best - Why 'Goldfinger' Is the Best James Bond Movie

Only six men have played the British superspy, and each brought their own unique interpretation to the role—often for good, occasionally for ill. This is how the canon stacks up.

5 alternative James Bond inspired Halloween costumes

Want to take a shot at being Mr. 007 for a night? No Time To Die is out now, and there's no better Halloween costume than Bond, James Bond.

Honey Ryder, Octopussy and 23 Other Iconic Bond Girls

In honor of the 25th 007 film, "No Time to Die," we're celebrating these 25 Bond Girls, whose looks all but gave them a license to kill.

The best James Bond villains of all time

Every James Bond movie needs a good villain as a foil to the suave and superb spy. But, who's the best of them all?

All the James Bond movies ranked by the San Francisco Chronicle

Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle presents the 26 James Bond films, ranked in order of quality, including the latest film, "No Time to Die."

All 26 James Bond Movies Ranked by Tomatometer << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News

It's the best James Bond movies! It's the worst James Bond movies! It's even Schrödinger's Blofeld's cat: Casino Royale, which exists in a state both Fresh and Rotten.

Nobody Does It Better: Why James Bond Will Never Die

His name is Bond, James Bond — from Connery to Craig, how the man with a license to kill has remained a pop-culture icon for 60 years.

James Bond: las mujeres y los villanos que marcaron la historia del agente 007

FILM: AFTER LOVE – touching and unforgettable

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, how James Bond went from sexist womaniser to pop culture icon

Since the publication of Casino Royale in 1952, Ian Fleming’s James Bond has been the quintessential secret agent, a suave and sophisticated government operative who travelled the globe dispatching supervillains while sipping vodka martinis and wooing exotic beauties. Six actors have played 007 on-screen in 25 official feature films, and ever since his first appearance in 1962, Bond has been...

Kauno sinefilams – elitinių kūrėjų juostos |

Kauno sinefilams – elitinių kūrėjų juostos

Kauno sinefilams – elitinių kūrėjų juostos

Kauno sinefilams – elitinių kūrėjų juostos

Festival du cinéma international | Les nouveaux films d'Ozon et Campion présentés en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Un film de Netflix pour clôturer le FCIAT

Pagrindinių pasaulio kino festivalių filmus lietuviai pamatys pirmieji

La photo de Gwyneth Paltrow nue dans sa baignoire extérieure pour ses 49 ans

Últimas noticias sobre Eutanasia

Que valent "Stillwater" "Tout s'est bien passé" "La proie d'une ombre" "La voix d'Aïda"... ?

Une voix inoubliable nous a quittés, Jean Pierre Marielle -

Femina | L'édito de Géraldine Savary: «Dans les James Bond, cherchez…

"Sophie Marceau doit me haïr" : en direct à la radio, Corinne Touzet rétabli la vérité au sujet d'une triste rumeur

Cyril Lignac - La biographie de Cyril Lignac avec

「おかえりモネ」鈴木京香 朝ドラは今も"学校"デビュー当初"無個性"引け目も逆手に 武器は"夢想力"― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能

The Greatest Bond Girls of All Time

Cinéma week-end. "Le Sommet des dieux", l'animation française sur le toit du monde

« Je n'en peux plus de lire ça » : Corinne Touzet remet les choses au clair sur Sophie Marceau

Corinne Touzet préférée à Sophie Marceau pour Une femme d'honneur ? La comédienne met les choses au clair

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