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to. >> todd: why is this happening, krista? >> i can only assume may be it's just a lack of milk production due to staff shortages. that would be my assumption. that's why we are seeing the increased prices. >> todd: going to look at some numbers here. american families we know that they cannot afford the price of groceries they see. eggs have gone up 39%. increasing every time we put up this graphic. specifically for you i want to focus on this, the price hikes are even worse. the price of wholesale eggs which you need a lot of up a a 104%. a lot more of the cost than the regular folk. the cost of other dairy products up, almost 25%. how much more are you forced to charge as a result of those increases? >> gosh. i've been forced to increase my

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determined generation of iranians, more embolden than ever. they're risking, everything, erin. rising up for freedoms and rights they have never known under this oppressive regime. >> thank you very much. thanks so much to all of you for joining us tonight. ""ac 360"" begins right now. >> even as the remains of hurricane ian are still causing havoc, even tonight with major flood ago long the virginia shore, the storms death toll is rising. mostly in florida. especially in lee county where the storm hit hardest in at least 54 people have now died. john berman here in for anderson. all hurricane ian is responsible for at least 104 deaths and just as did it today, that number is expected to rise. five days since the storm came ashore, barrier islands are

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>> brian: good for me i'm a beginner. >> ainsley: did you get the sun coming up. >> brian: did i get the sun. showing some signs. our aspirations say just put your feet on the floor. >> ainsley: glad to be alive. happy we woke up even though it's raining. >> brian: can we raise our standard? can we expect more from this day? >> steve: it's taco day. go get a free taco. >> that's true. that's an aspiration. >> brian: we have a big hour coming your way. great guest as well that will make you smarter and more insightful. we begin with this. this hour. in florida, as the death toll from hurricane ian rises to at least 104 across the sunshine state. north carolina and cuba add to that total. >> steve: a resident in one of the many hard hit areas comparing her community, called it a war zone. >> ainsley: fox weather correspondent robert ray on the ground in fort myers beach with the latest. robert? >> good morning to you. you see the sun come up here in

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on them in lines and lines of ambulances with the task at hand here is clear. it is very somber, the latest tally that we have with the death toll 104 with 97 here in florida. most of those concentrated in the very area we are now fort myers. for those who survive the trauma, it is all-consuming. cheryl weiss told the news press "it is the most horrible thing in the world really. it is a war zone. i couldn't believe any of it. there was most possible way i could recover in everything i worked for my whole life is gone. from a statement like that best understood yesterday, we got it exclusive look at the wreckage on's animal island and elsewhere. completely decimated by hurricane ian. sanibel in and out washed away in the storm. we accompanied the florida national guard and blackhawk helicopter with drop-offs of heavy machinery and supplies on the island which is accessible by car. >> the bridges are completely

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was hardst hit where they are still looking for missing people, looking for any signs of life. every morning we have been coming to you in front of a different pile of rubble and i'll tell you these scenes like this are just endless here. the scope and the scale of the search and rescue and recovery effort is just overwhelming. let me give you a cup numbers just to paint the picture there's a total of 17 task forces out right now. 104 boat squads, more than 60 canines in the field, 1,200 personnel so far and counting. and there's the damage that you see, jose, and there's the damage that ewe don't. all of it is critical. we went out with the army corp. of engineers. we went out on their survey boat to take a lock at the work they are doing to make sure that things under the water are safe for those rescue boats. those boats bringing critical

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evacuated or given an evacuation order soon enough. we'll be following that. joining us live from fort myers beach, florida, nbc news correspondent dasha burns. what's the latest there. >> reporter: mika, every morning, you know, we stand in front of a new pile of rubble because the options are frankly endless. this behind me, this is everywhere, and it's the scale skt and the scope of the search and rescue. fema tells us they have a total of 17 urban search and rescue task forces. 104 boat squad, 60 k-9s in the field. a total of 1,280 personnel and counting. those numbers have already increased because they continue to ramp this up. i'll tell you something, what you won't hear in those numbers, and what you won't hear in those

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through debris until areas previously inaccessible like sanibel, pine island, captiva as well. again, heart-wrenching and difficult to face. >> yeah, boris, we're just getting news into the newsroom that the death toll has jumped. the death toll from hurricane ian has increased. there are at least now 104 deaths in the u.s. as a result of this hurricane. 100 of them in florida. of course, that number could still rise. when we went on the air, it was 88. now, it is 100. pine island is one of the barrier islands that has been completely cut off by hurricane ian. because ian had 155-mile-per-hour winds and a storm surge that, as you know, washed out the bridges and the roads to that island. now, it can only be reached by helicopter. so joining us now from pine island is dr. ben abow, he's the

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got to go on. what else are you going to do? >> that's it. >> reporter: and andrea, it is going to take some time for these search and rescue efforts to complete. let me give you just a couple of numbers to give you the scale and scope here. fema says they have a total of 17 urban search and rescue task forces. 104 boat squads. more than 60 canines in the field and a total of 1289 personnel so far. it's possible those numbers have grown in the hours since we received this data, andrea. >> thank you so much. and joining us now is holly smith, the mayor of sanibel, florida. thank you so much for being with us. we have to start with the search and rescue operations throughout your community. what kind of help have you been receiving? rescuing people, still bringing people out by boat? >> yes. i'll tell you, we're on day five

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heartbreaking, painstaking and painful task. chris, we also spent some time with the army corps of engineers who is here. i have to tell you, the scale and scope of this effort is just enormous. let me give you a couple of numbers here real quick from fema. they tell us this is their biggest effort yet. they have a total of 17 urban search and rescue forces out. 104 boat squads. more than 60 canines out in the field. and more than 1,200 personnel so far. that is likely going to keep growing. the army corps of engineers also has 800 people deployed across the state of florida. and there's the damage that you see, chris. and then there's the damage that you don't. and when we went out with the army corps of engineers brigadier general we went on a boat with his team to watch

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month sparked by maamini. and the death toll from hurricane ian rising to 104 people in the united states and now there are questions about the timing of evacuation orders in one of the hardest hit counties in florida, lee county, home to fort myers, fort myers beach and sanibel island. until last tuesday the forecast had the tampa bay area taking a direct hit, but then the path of the storm shifted south to lee county. according to lee county's evacuation guidelines, however, as early as sunday fort myers was predicted to get a big enough storm surge to activate orders for residents to leave, but they did not. today the sheriffs stood by the timing of the evacuation orders. for those who choose to ride the storm out at home, it's too late. rescue teams are right now going door to door scrambling to get to stranded victims in time.

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