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memphis to sleep. warriors win 110-96. boston forcing a winner-take-all game seven, with the bucks in boston tomorrow. jason tatum's star is continuing to rise. 46 points on the road last night. celtics win, 108-95. game six was stephanie ready there. a two-sport student athlete, joining the staff of the basketball team, as well. and became the first woman to coach a pro team in the nba developmental league. as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of title ix, stephanie knows what it means to level the playing field. >> i was the only girl often. sometimes i wouldn't get picked because i was a girl. title ix allowed opportunities

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the neighborhood described as being predominantly african-american. police not giving a motive for the shooting but happened about 2:30 p.m., witnesses say a man dressed in military type here of rifle, started shooting people in the head at the supermarket. not confirmed by fox news, the shooter live streamed the shooting on the website twitch that he issued 108 page manifesto the alleged gunman is described as a self-described white supremacist, we are waiting news conference. authorities in buffalo tragically another mass shooting in our country. we will soon know why. arthel: hate cannot win. we are back tomorrow noon eastern, join us. donna scott will have more at 6:00 p.m. eastern. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months.

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

affective tools to stop inflation, possibly the most of important policy tool to use against inflation is increasing interest rates, which the president and now elected official has any power over. that is the job of the result board, and today, got republican senators said, we don't want the federal reserve board to be able to do the best job that it can infighting inflation. and they said that by voting against president biden's nominee for the federal reserve ward of governors. but 50 democrats voted for lisa cook to join the federal reserve governors, and with vice president kamala harris's tie breaking vote, lisa cook then became the first black woman to serve under the federal reserve board of governors in the 108-year history of that agency. this morning, treasury secretary janet yellin testified in a senate hearing about the administration's attempts to control inflation, and secretary yellen spoke another aspect of the economic

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

governors in the 108-year history of that agency. this morning, treasury secretary janet yellin testified in a senate hearing about the administration's attempts to control inflation, and secretary yellen spoke another aspect of the economic condition of women in this country. >> i believe that limiting the right of women to make decisions about wanting whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades. roe v. wade and access to reproductive health care, including abortion, helped lead to increased labor force participation. >> i think framing it in the context of labor force participation is, it just feels callous to me. >> it means the children will

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to participate is something that remains an issue. it hasn't gone away and child care is a huge piece of it. >> we've heard companies say that they are doing whatever they can to get women back in, they need them back in. ann berry, nice to see you. thank you. l.a. angels rookie throws the second no hurt of the baseball season in just his 11th major league start. andy scholes has it all covered this morning. hey, andy. >> good morning. what a night for 22-year-old reid detmers. he became the second youngest pitcher to throw a no hitter in major looelgeague history. the left hander was in control the entire night throwing only 108 pitches. detmers had never thrown more than six innings in his pro career after being drafted in gone. didn't even have a complete game in college at louisville. but a no hitter last night. and his teammates mobbed him at the mound after the time out of

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serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ground ball, velasquez throws across. he did it. he throws a no-hitter. >> that's angel's rookie reed detmers with the first so low no-hitter last night. he threw 108 pitches in just his 11th major league start. he struck out just two batters, but only walked one and kept tampa bay's hitters off balance,

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and his next gig. but for him to step up with the last minute call with coach kerr out, so it is what we're about. >> elsewhere the bucks and celtics facing off in game four last night. giannis antetokounmpo throwing down a monitor one-handed dunk, gets a technical foul for staring down al horford. >> i don't know what he said to me, but the way he was looking at me and the way he was going about it really didn't sit well with me and at that point i think something switched with me. >> yeah, so later in the game horford drives past giannis and he will go all the way in for the monster slam and foul. he was all fired up. and horford finished with 30 points, first time in 132 playoff games he scored that many and boston gets the big win, 116-108. game five is tomorrow night. a funny moment late in this game, is it possible to pick up

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against the milwaukee bucks and capped a 10-0 run for the c's in the fourth quarter where the 15-year nba veteran scored 16 of his career high 30 points last night. jason tatum had a tough first half. but came alive in the second. he added 30 of his own, celtics beat the bucks 116-108. and i got to say, this game, the officiating, i understand giannis is like shaq, being fouled or committing a foul on every play, with being so physical and the spotlight on the reves this series and the entire playoffs is not great for the league. let's hope they straight than out. game five tomorrow night in boston. out west in san francisco, grizzlies guard sat out with a knee injury and the head coach tested positive for covid less than two hours before tipoff. the golden state warriors has been in this position before. matt brown grabbed a clipboard as acting head coach like the title run five years ago.

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join us now. tony, are you expecting anything of substance to be announced by the president today? >> yeah, todd, thank you for allowing me to speak for independent truckers. current situation is killing the solo operator and company with diesel spiking up to $5.50 per gallon. the start of the administration, the price was $2.64 per gallon, that is 108% jump in fuel prices. this administration has been focus said on the wrong issues, litigating mask mandate on airplanes instead of bread and butter issues like cost of living index for work americans. >> todd: what steps do you want it is white house to take following president biden's speech? >> sure, focus on what voters consider critical. number one issue is relief from

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superstar luka doncic had a double-double while scoring 26 points. in philadelphia, the 76ers drew even in their series against the miami heat with 116-108 victory. despite going scoreless in the first quarter, superstar james harden exploded for 31 points to lead the 76ers to victory. it was a blazing sun and speed in miami on sunday. for the first time ever, formula one racing came to the sunshine state. one driver called the miami grand prix the super bowl of formula one with stars like tom brady and the former first lady in attendance. v verstappen took the checkered flag. that does it for me. "early start" is next with laura jarrett and christine romans.

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apiece. 76ers also tying their series with the heat. thanks to a vintage game from james harden. the beard scoring 16 of the 31 points with the sixers in the fourth quarter. made some huge step back three's down the stretch. 116-108, game five in miami. finally check out the incredible aerial view of rich stripes upset win at the kentucky derby saturday. masterfully weaving his way through traffic before breaking along the rail to outrun epicenter for the win. rich strike had 80-1 odds of winning the largest of 90-1 in 2018. the crowd was stunned. lots of unhappy betters. guys, i was not one of them. i was having a rough day so i decided to try to rally betting on the horses with the worst

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because they were under there threat of school expulsion or losing their job and even if they weren't under a mandate, they still didn't have access to the relevant information. so we had to file this freedom of information act, myself and some of my colleagues last september just to get the pfizer data. they wanted to slow walk it, wanted to take 75 years to release data that they were able to review at the fda in 108 days. now we're starting to get the data after many people have taken the vaccine. as you mentioned, some of the safety data in the pfizer analysis is quite concerning. we can talk more about that. yesterday's announcement against the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> i'm glad that the fda is acknowledging this concern about blood clots. i'm surprised that they're applying that level of scrutiny to the j&j vaccine and not to

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reasoning laid out by justice alito will have a ripple effect that is beginning to come into full view. this is as legal experts digest the opinion and anti-and portion this emboldened by this victory. they have draconian ways to stand up the bodily autonomy of our population. conservative states enacted 108 laws restricting abortions in some form or another last year according to the good mark institute. it is a research institute that studies reproductive health right. more than 30 have been enacted. the number of women seeking abortions in the united states has been on the decline. from 2010 to 2019, the number of legal abortions performed in the country each year has dropped by more than 100,000. that downward trend is not because republicans have made it nearly impossible to access abortion care in large parts of the country, what is a contributing factor is a birth control.

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badly, but the realignment of politics is still happening. there is a mixed picture. the best hope is to say keir starmer is not huge enthusiasm. brute to say keir starmer is not huge enthusiasm.— to say keir starmer is not huge enthusiasm. . , ., ,, ., ., enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot more about — enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot more about those _ enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot more about those themes _ enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot more about those themes as - enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot more about those themes as the . enthusiasm. we will be talking a lot | more about those themes as the day goes on. thank you so much. that was a deputy —— political of the spectator. you will be seeing us for previously breakfast. before we go, let's join rita once again for a quick update on where we are at the end of this section of the broadcast.— end of this section of the broadcast. , , , ., ., broadcast. this is the state of play at the moment _ broadcast. this is the state of play at the moment with _ broadcast. this is the state of play at the moment with nearly - broadcast. this is the state of play at the moment with nearly half - broadcast. this is the state of play| at the moment with nearly half the councils declared. you can see labour has gained 29 counsellors, the conservatives has lost 108. the liberal democrats have had a healthy night of it, although admittedly from a considerably lower base labour, but they have gained 53

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raids raising it a half percentage point, why not 3/4 of a percentage point. powell said we're good. we're not going to 75 basis points, and the market heard that and said we're good, chair powell feels all right, we're going to buy. the biggest point is inflation is hitting the whole academy and it's the people at the lower end of the income spectrum, feeling gas at 422 nationally, and oil at 108, and inflation at a 40-year high. >> you're reading my mind when it comes to the polling. by the way, the market soared, shooting up 900 points on this news. crazy. speaking of the new polling that shows that 23% of americans show current economic conditions as being good. 23, that's not good, despite unemployment being at a 50-year low, strong consumer and business spending, what do you

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ongoing public nuance for them and their descendants. it comes at a critical time viola fletcher, lessie benningfield randall and one other to see the reparations in their lifetime. you'd have to act three, all are centenarians. the oldest viola fletchers turns 108 years ago. joining me now is the founder of justice for greenwood and civil rights attorney. thanks for being here, mr. simmons. congratulations on moving the case forward. what does that mean in regular person terms? >> joy, thank you for having me on. it means that we -- we still alive, you know. that's the main thing that we wanted to have happen today was to be able to move forward this case. it's never before in the history of this issue for over 100 years, a case related to the massacre been able to move forward and we've been able to do that. that's the great news. the unknown is we don't know

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