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Joven denunció que su madre la agredió a golpes y la arrastró por la casa en la ciudad de Campo Gallo

La denunciante fue
asistida en el Hospital
de Campo de Gallo.
Tendría lesiones en un
ojo y en un hombro.
Sus hijas pequeñas
presenciaron el grave

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«Ο Εμπαπέ θα μείνει κι εφέτος στην Παρί»

Το... σίριαλ με το μέλλον του Κιλιάν Εμπαπέ καλά κρατεί κι όπως φαίνεται ο διεθνής Τύπος θ΄ ασχοληθεί ακόμη περισσότερο με τον Γάλλο επιθετικό, έως ότου ξεκαθαρίσει εάν θα συνεχίσει στην Παρί Σεν Ζερμέν και την τρέχουσα περίοδο ή, θα «μετακομίσει» στην Μαδρίτη.

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Les tribus bretonnes (28/30) : Y'a de la houle entre Saint-Cast et Saint-Jacut - Les Tribus bretonnes, saison 2

La Côte d’Émeraude, ses plages, ses panoramas incomparables… et ses relations houleuse entre les habitants de Saint-Cast-le-Guildo et de Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer ! Alors, bataille navale à l’horizon...

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Les tribus bretonnes (27/30) : Loudia, au pays des Chantous

Dans le pays de Loudéac, « Loudia » pour les intimes, la culture est dans le chant. De quoi semer la bonne humeur à tue-tête et à toute heure. Une affaire rondement menée par les chantouses et...

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In-form trio set to fly SA flag high at US Women's Open

The US Women's Open is scheduled to get underway this week at the Olympic Club's Lake Course in San Francisco.There are three South Afric

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A Toronto restaurant's Instagram was hacked and they lost thousands of followers

A Toronto restaurant's Instagram was hacked and they lost thousands of followers
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A Toronto restaurant's Instagram account was just hacked, losing them thousands of followers and one of their main forms of communication with the public during lockdown.
Pico de Gallo's Instagram account was not only stolen, it was actually held for ransom. Starting around 7:22 p.m. on Apr. 22, the account was hacked, and they've had to start new account @picodegallo.toronto. Make sure you're following the right one, and unfollow and block the wrong one.

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Napa Valley's Duckhorn plans debut on New York Stock Exchange

The Duckhorn Portfolio intends to make its stock market debut in coming months, the St. Helena-based wine producer confirmed via press release yesterday.
The company has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to the press release – a key step toward making an initial public offering (IPO) of its stock on the New York Stock Exchange. News of the company’s intent to do so was first reported by Bloomberg in early February.
“The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined,” Duckhorn wrote in its press release. “Duckhorn intends to apply to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘NAPA.’”

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Scientists said claims about China creating the coronavirus were misleading. They went viral anyway.

Scientists said claims about China creating the coronavirus were misleading. They went viral anyway.
Craig Timberg, The Washington Post
Feb. 12, 2021
Dr. Li-Meng Yan's assertion that China created the coronavirus in a lab in Wuhan was quickly challenged by major scientific journals.Photo for The Washington Post by Jackie Molloy f
Scientists from Johns Hopkins, Columbia and other leading American universities moved with rare speed when a Chinese virologist, Li-Meng Yan, published an explosive paper in September claiming that China had created the deadly coronavirus in a research lab.
The paper, the American scientists concluded, was deeply flawed. And a new online journal from MIT Press - created specifically to vet claims related to covid-19 - reported Yan's claims were "at times baseless and are not supported by the data" just 10 days after she posted them.

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Gospel star Israel Mosehla has died

Gospel star Israel Mosehla has died
A family spokesperson will share more details about the death of gospel star Israel Mosehla.
Image: Real Israel Mosehla Facebook
Gospel star Israel Linda Mosehla has died at the age of 50, his wife Millicent Mosehla confirmed to TshisaLIVE on Monday morning.
Details surrounding the star’s death are yet to be released. 
“Yes, Israel has passed on,” Millicent said, adding that a family spokesperson would be appointed to share more details.
The Soweto-born gospel artist came from a family of worshippers as both his parents were preachers and musicians. The family released three albums with Gallo in the 1980s. 

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Constellation Brands, Inc.: Constellation Brands Receives Clearance From the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to Close Wine and Spirits Transaction With E. & J. Gallo

VICTOR, N.Y., Dec. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE: STZ and STZ.B), a leading beverage alcohol company, announced today that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has

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Constellation Brands Says FTC Clears Wine And Spirits Deal With E. & J. Gallo

WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) - Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ, STZ.B), a beverage alcohol company, said Thursday that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission or FTC has accepted the proposed consent order

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upgrades. and so they would have to get this new technology. the big question, though, for consumers out there is what all of this will mean for them and there are some estimates as you pointed out that this could add another 6 to 10 cents on to a gallon of gasoline. but an administration official telling me that an epa analysis and also independent analysis, as well, shows that that would be closer to one creent a gallo. >> and how soon could this become law? >> reporter: we're talking about long term here. there is a period of public comment which would lost roughly a year or so. and then officials saying that this would be implemented beginning in 2017. so sort of a slow implementation. and then it would be about a decade for the full implementation to take place. so we're talking long term here before you will see any real impact of this beginning in 2017. >> all right. dan lothian at the white house,

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auvs in until they've exhausted the batteries. as soon as they put those in you can't look for the pings. >> you don't want to get it confused an the auv, it may be similar. than the answer, they don't do it because of the noise. on the ships anyway, when they hear it they turn everything except for the power that they need on on the ship. everything off so they can listen for it. >> when the "echo" was out there that adds more complexity to the search because it can only work when the ping is pinging. it's complex. >> another one from mr. gallo. this is from paulette. paulette asks, is it possible to have a camera on the towed pinger locator so it can pictures of the ocean floor while it is trying to find the black box? >> yeah. that's a very good question, paulette. the issue there is that the tipl, the towed pinger locator,

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