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over the weekend 1400 migrants apprehended, five rescues, four gang members arrested. two firearms seized. over 300 pounds of meth, 2.75 pounds of fentanyl. great job. they are doing their best. >> that's one night. don't take a day off. don't get some rest fellows on the line. more will get through. you hear him having a fit because this is exactly the problem that we're seeing with politics is the unaffected get affected and they can't believe it. it is such a small percentage of what is actually going on. hopefully he will actually support what is going on at the border. >> bill: the tent city in the bronx was built for 15,000. i believe that's the number. it defies the imagination as to how large it could go unless this administration reverses policy. there is no signal right now

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Americas Newsroom

of it shows up at your doorstep they are throwing their arms up and having a fit because he did the tent city. he thought it was a brilliant idea. he will blame everybody. he is stuck. >> bill: he said i don't believe the silence i'm hearing, the far left. imagine the border towns. talk about silence. they've been screaming for two years. >> a fraction of what's going on at the border and he can't believe it. he even has places to place them and able to make a tent city. the cities on the border don't have any room. >> bill: he said the flow in new york city is beyond our imagination. i think he was getting about 400 a day for a couple of days. there is no imagination needed when our reporters have the drones in the air on a daily basis. >> on average i think the number this morning or last night was 1400 that was apprehended at the border. >> dana: pull this up. border patrol chief ortiz saying

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The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer

and also pine island. with the causeway and bridges down, we have been using helicopters to air lift food, water and ice and we're sending out about 180 soldiers and vehicles to help there. it's early in the game, but we're going to be there as long as needed. >> we're grateful to you for that. the national guard we're told has conducted more than 1400 rescues so far, general. can you describe the circumstances of how people got trapped by this storm and how these operations are carried out? >> wolf, actually, the latest data we have today is about 2100 rescues and that has to do with high water vehicle, helicopters and boats. the reason we were able to do that is every year, we do a rehearsal and we identify the capabilities we're going to need in each of these communities and fortunately, the florida guard was activated a couple days prior so as this storm, its route changed, we were able to move our personnel, get them as

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CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta

much for having me. like i have been saying for over 20 years now, this year will be the 20th anniversary of the mike webster autopsy. people need to know the truth about concussions, about the effects of brain trauma. by the time you've suffered a concussion, you've suffered brain damage. we take you out of play because it increases your risk for subsequent concussions. and if you have several concussions during a period, you could drop dead. we have to be honest with the consumers of your commodity that playing football, blows to the head is inherent to the play. the impacts, for example, in college football, one single player can receive over 1400 violent loads greater than 10g

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Don Lemon Tonight

so that part of it is not a scientific mystery. but they really want to find out, first of, august today navigate to this object? only a little more than 500 feet across. but the size of the great permit. over the course of 107 million miles. and then once it impacted, just how much will push could they get what that object that is so small, but traveling 1400 miles an hour. this is what is happening right now. astronomers all of the other question embers, let's see how much the orbit of this little moon of didymos, amorphous, how much that orbit changed. >> miles, in the short time we had with the we become smarter. thank you both time was short tonight. we really appreciate you being well. good to see you. italy's election resulting in the country's first woman prime minister. but arise also represents another marker. most foreign leaders of the fascist era vinita mussolini.

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the pentagon. but $400 billion and penn wharton says it's a trillion. a very favorable calculation of how much it will cost. this is something that is supposed to start -- this kind of spending is supposed the start from congress, not the president. >> bill: you sit at home and think it's a lot of money. we've been talking trillions for three years. the 420 billion price tag is equal to the $1400 stimulus checks that biden sent to americans at the beginning of his term. >> where is it going? all those people who paid off their loans, all of the parents who saved working two jobs to pay off their kids' loans are getting the raw end of the stick here. colleges and universities, particularly the ivy league ones, the once who preach to all of us, they have multi- billion dollar endowments they aren't using and they continue to raise their tuitions. it is essentially not just a

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FOX News Sunday

>> more russian troops are being forced into this war as ukrainian soldiers make territorial. >> hugging their loved ones goodbye. they are some of the 300,000 people called up to fight in ukraine under partial mobilization orders given by president vladimir putin. do i have an alternative or do i get criminally prosecuted? they lack experience and morale much like the russian public they are being dragged into a war they did not sign up to fight. a protest erupted this week. it's all more than 1400 people arrested. further raising pressure on the russian leader mass exodus prompting neighboring finland to restrict tourists from entering. doing all they can. a russian occupied area of

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FOX Friends First

bail. crazy town. >> carley: this is an example of why bail reform doesn't work and the cops know who the bad guys are, there are few people who are capable of committing violent crime. one study found the same 1400 people commit 86% of crime and in yoslo county, california -- rather than accept this as fact, these people keep getting let out and more and more people turn into victims as a result. >> todd: and the left puts them on a pedestal like they are boy scouts and they are not, they are bad gals and guys and need to be put behind bars. >> carley: lee zeldin says he might be declaring a state of emergency, he said it would be better if lawmakers repeal laws

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

the top criminal lawyers. >> he thinks he is the best one to judge how he should do things. i say go for it. it's so much fun to watch. >> it's always been true though. >> talk about the ego. the fact that these people were put in place by him, some of them and they were like sorry you are not above the rule of law. and that to me was the beautiful part. that he can say there is something bigger than i am, because he thinks that he is the biggest. >> this won't lead to anything. it is so frustrating, i got a letter from the irs, i owe them an extra 1400 dollars, and part of me wants to scrawl and say how about trump? >> i wouldn't recommend that. >> i know. but it's regular people who tried to follow the rules, don't make a right turn on a red, what was he doing? >> if he wasn't president, he

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cities around russia after mobilisation was announced. but they are really low level at this stage, and that is because many people do feel like there's no point in protesting, because ultimately there's not going to be a massive overthrow. it's not legal to be protesting in russia at the moment. and people who are picked up off the streets that we saw, there were about 1,400 people picked up from st petersburg, moscow and other cities, they will be detained and if they are arrested again, that could mean that they get a jail sentence. so a lot of people don't want to risk this. some people just leave the country. now in terms of whether or not president putin can continue to bring people with him with mobilisation, i think it probably brings a lot more of this home to certain people. and i think there's a big concern that while at the moment this is partial mobilisation, many in russia are worried that it could expand. that's why we've heard lots of reports of people trying

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