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fuel left at all, he didn't have much because a crash landing in that kind of plane, you know, he didn't have the ability to put it down on its landing gear, you know, on a runway or something reasonably level, the impact and the post crash fire would have been enormous. so, let's hope that the tanks were dry and, you know, if there was some kind of, you know, terrible impact, when he went down, there's probably no fire because of the limited amount of fuel that would have been left in the tanks. neil: all right. jon, thank you very very much for that. jon scott. we're learning a little bit more about the crash and now, reports that the pilot, the suspect is in custody. that he survived it. charles watson in jackson, mississippi with more on that part of the story. charles. >> yeah, neil, we just got off

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PM gives personal contributions to families of three NSE crash victims

KUALA KANGSAR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on Friday (May 13) gave contributions to the families of three Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (Usas students who were killed in a crash on the North-South Expressway northbound here at midnight on Wednesday.

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discourse of being able to explain yourself, to make yourself accountable, to continue on. if anything is ever to come of this "say her name," i want it to mean you hold yourself accountable. you check your actions before you do something. you explain yourself to god, to yourself, to another person, whatever you have to do, but you hold yourself accountable before you go after somebody. and there's no excuse for hatred. there's no excuse for bigotry. there's no excuse for discrimination. s is susan, thank you so much for your strength. i wish you peace in the days ahe ahead. >> thank you. some new details now on the chopper crash that took the lives of two state troopers. there was no distress call before the chopper went down. the helicopter's vertical flight path was about 45 degrees when it descended into trees. there was a post crash fire.

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out. we felt like that was a good sign that there were at least some survivors west just very disturbed. we left as the emergency crew was arriving so we did not see the emergency crews treating the plane. >> you mentioned that as you saw it approach, you said that the angle was wrong. what do you mean by that? just the fact that the tail was too low? or was there something else wrong the plane? >> yeah. the tail was too low instead of coming in flat, it was coming in at i would say a 45-frye angle with the tail far too low. >> the fire that you saw. could you make out where that fire was? >> no, no, i really couldn't. it was coming out. we could see it on the top of the plane but we could not tell where it was originating. >> you saw the chutes come out of the side of the plane.

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fire flashed through to create that ugly scene that you see there. but right now, the major new thing that we're waiting for is some word, did anybody die in this crash? we know there were injuries. reports of people being trangs ported. but we have no idea how many injures and how serious. that's all vital information that we're still waiting on. >> the fire department telling us they've transported 12 patients to area hospitals. they say that san mateo county ems transported 21 patients. that's just according to san mateo and san francisco. so right now doing some quick math. that's 33 roughly 33 transports to area hospitals. we don't know whether those injuries were minor, major, there's so much we don't know. we know this. that at 5:30, there will be a

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i want to bring in jeff near the san francisco international airport. i understand you and your wife, you heard the crash and then you saw the aftermath. is that right? >> yes, we did. >> what did you hear and then what did you see? >> initially i heard a boom. i heard a boom and i looked out and it was just dust for two to three minutes. and then on the right side of the airplane, maybe about a minute or so later. we started seeing the passengers depart. maybe 30 to 40 seconds later. the air on the right side, the emergency chutes deployed and then we started seeing passengers come out on that side. maybe within three to five minutes, the air maybe had caught fire on the front. after that, everybody was just

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getting in there? >> a combination of us getting in there and -- and i don't have the expertise that the guys have down there because i don't work at the airport. but initially we have a probe that punches into the side of that plane, and can fill that plane up with foam. right now, what you see right now is it appears that they are probably just cooling off, keeping that plane cool. i'm sure that it's still warm. that's why they are doing what they are doing right now. but a lot of what we do is really to suppress the fire as quick as we can go and get in and then evacuate as many people as we did, and then deal with the multiple people that we know we're going to have. this went from a second alarm to our city units coming in from the city, we had at least 45 units out there, 180 personnel out there dealing with this, along with san mateo county. and it looks like they did a

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so, you know, again, the way that this plane appears to have landed and where it ended up was definitely a plus for everyone -- or as many people getting off as possible. >> that's amazing insight. because of what you just said, ken smith from sf fire, from his opinion there, the smoke and fire is outside, not inside the plane. that's a big difference, ken, right? if that was inside the plane, this could be a lot worse in terms of fatalities. >> it definitely would have been a different scenario for us, and for anyone. like i said, without any speculation, you know, based on what i see, there don't appear to be, you know, smoke coming out of those doorways at that time. >> ken, what's the response time? we heard the air traffic control talk to the pilot of asiana airlines there. and it seems in less than 60 seconds the fire trucks were there to put out the fire. >> yes.

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