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Latest 'Outriders' Update Fixes Inventory Wipe Bug; Lost Inventory Restoration Coming Soon

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Latest 'Outriders' Update Fixes Inventory Wipe Bug; Lost Inventory Restoration Coming Soon
Some players are not playing the game because of it
Square Enix addressed this issue in its latest patch
Devs will monitor the patch over the weekend to see if it works
Square Enix has announced the release of a new "Outriders" patch that would prevent players from experiencing the inventory wipe bug. While the latest update solves the issue of players having their inventories deleted, it does not restore lost inventories as of yet. According to developers, item restoration will be available later.
"Outriders" update 1.06 was released on April 15 across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and Stadia. The patch is primarily intended to address the contentious inventory swipe bug that has become more prevalent since the release of the crash-focused patch.

RIP To Outriders' Weird Cowboy NPC, A Real One

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I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a character creator as aggressively bland as the one in
Outriders. All the faces are minor variations on Beefy Woodsman. Hair colors range from black to dull brown. Every decal is an unobtrusive scar, except for a lone chrome eyebrow implant that may as well be a shiny pimple. From this clay, I molded the world’s least interesting man. Moments into starting the game, however, I met the character I
would have made, if only I had the tools.
Jack Tanner is the captain of the titular Outriders, a spacefaring group trying to find a habitable location for the last vestiges of humanity. More importantly, he is a cowboy. In pink sunglasses. Why? No clue. Nobody ever explains, and if there’s a diary entry that covers this, I have yet to find it. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s the kind of out-of-place sore thumb freak abomination I would have made in a different game’s character creator. Immediately, I was fascinated by him. What was his deal? How did he end up in this game, specifically? Did he take the wrong bus?

Outriders Review: This is a fun looter shooter, especially for the lone wolf

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Outriders is a third-person cover-based looter shooter. The game is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Stadia. We played the game on a PS5 for this review.

'Outriders' Crash Logs Are Clogging Hard Drives: Here's How To Remove Them

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Some gamers have noticed that the crash logs from "Outriders" are taking too much space in their PCs.

Outriders Crash Logs Take Up a Staggering Amount of Disk Space

Despite its current reviews on Steam, Outriders has seen massive success commercially. Thanks in part to its rewarding looter-shooter systems, the game is

One Week Later, I Still Haven't Committed To A Class In Outriders

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Over the past week or so I’ve sunk about 25 hours into
Outriders—on top of the dozen-ish I spent repeatedly running the demo. And yet, I still haven’t committed to a main class. That’s not indicative of indecision on my part (okay, fine, maybe a tiny bit). That’s a testament to how awesome all the classes are in this game.
The loot-shooter
Outriders, officially out last week for everything but the Switch, casts you as an interstellar mercenary tasked with charting ground on a possibly habitable exoplanet. After an overwrought prologue—which runs you through an hour of paint-by-numbers third-person shooter gameplay—you’re able to choose from four distinct classes, each of which imbues you with a different type of frankly over-powered space magic. That’s when the game gets good.

Xbox Game Pass April 2021 additions and removals

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Outriders' People Can Fly to Post-Mortem PS5, PS4 Server Woes

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Try again - Outriders has proven more popular than perhaps we expected, moving over 50 per cent of its physical copies on ...

Outriders launches as one of the biggest games on Steam

As a brand new IP, it was difficult to estimate how successful Outriders would be at launch, even after the game’s very successful demo. Fortunately, now we have some hard data to look at and so far, Outriders is doing a lot better than Square Enix’s previous online co-op attempt. People Can Fly’s looter shooter …

Outriders will get expansions if people like the game enough

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Outriders just launched a few days ago, but the devs at People Can Fly are interested in post-launch DLC and new content.

Outriders - How to Replay Missions | Attack of the Fanboy

Reload and rerun
Outriders is designed to be replayed. We saw this aspect come to life with the demo, in which players reloaded story points to regain access to favorable farming missions.
Whether it’s reexperiencing a favorite mission or returning to an earlier point for higher World Tier farming, Outriders welcomes players to enjoy its offerings more than once. And doing so is extremely simple.
How to Replay Missions
To replay missions, return to the lobby and choose “Select Story Point.” A list of unlocked story points, divided by location (ex: First City, Eagle Peaks, etc.), will be shown.

Outriders Developer Says It Will Share "Specific Details" About Its Launch Problems

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It is no secret that, ever since it launched, Outriders from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix has had serious issues with its servers. The third-person shooter with role-playing game elements has a serious focus on multiplayer, which makes all of the server problems... well, a [...]

Outriders dev asks players not to be too harsh as game servers crash

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Outrider devs ask gamers to relent and not judge the game by its server issues, but fans are frustrated by the online-only aspect.

Outriders had more players on Steam than any other Square Enix game

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People Can Fly's new shooter shows games can fly too: Outriders had more peak players than any other Square Enix Steam game.

Outriders: The Outrider's Legacy Quest Walkthrough | Attack of the Fanboy

Outriders has a ton of side quests to find and do, others being rather simple with just visiting point A and B, but some like The Outrider's Legacy,

Outriders - How to Check Server Status | Attack of the Fanboy

Day 1 of Outriders doesn't seem like a good one
Outriders is the latest Action-RPG published by Square Enix, and while it is taking the gaming world by storm, it seems to have a lot of hiccups on day one, with its
server status being a little fuzzy and unstable. The team behind this new title is 24/7 working behind the scenes to fix any performance and server related issues, but things keep getting added up to the already big roster of malfunctions. If you want to stay updated on server status and every known issue in the game, make sure to check below how.

'Outriders' Guide: How To Get Legendary Weapons And Claim Rewards

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Here's an updated guide to getting legendary weapons in the release version of "Outriders."

GeForce Now will add 34 games in April, including Outriders

March was a big month for GeForce Now, with a ton of games added to the library, improved integration with other platforms and a revamp of the subscription tier. Things aren’t slowing down in April, as another 34 games will be added to the GFN library. 
This week’s GFN library update is of course headlined by Outriders, which launched last night. However, 12 other games also joined Outriders in coming to GeForce Now this week. Here are the new titles available on GeForce Now this week:
Narita Boy (day-and-date release on Steam, March 30)
Tales of the Neon Sea (Free on Epic Games Store, April 1-8)

Can You Play Outriders Offline? | Attack of the Fanboy

Outriders is not a live service game, despite shamelessly pulling designs often associated with Games as a Service (GaaS) titles. People Can Fly have been

Outriders Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

Squad up and take on Epoch together.
Outriders is the latest looter shooter to hit consoles and PC, and like most other looter shooters, it’s better with friends in multiplayer. While you can play the entire game solo, the game’s classes and abilities really shine in a full squad. The game features crossplay and drop-in co-op, so there are basically no barriers when it comes to playing with friends. Here’s everything you need to know about multiplayer in Outriders.
How to Play With Friends in Outriders
To invite friends in Outriders, simply pause the game and select the “Play With Friends” button on the right-hand side of the screen. This will bring up a list of all your online friends and your friends currently playing Outriders. Just select who you want to play with and send them an invite so they can join your game. You can also invite people directly from the main menu before logging in by choosing the “Play With Friends” option.

How Long is Outriders? | Attack of the Fanboy

How long does it take to beat the Outriders campaign? Outriders is a looter shooter like Destiny or The Division, so there's a lot of post-game grinding

Will Outriders Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass On PC?

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Today (April 1) is the big day, and no we don’t mean April Fool’s Day, it’s also the release of
Outriders! Many players are wondering if the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC? Here’s what we know.
If you’re a member of Xbox Game Pass, you can jump in to
Outriders at no extra cost. You can read all about it
Outriders on Game Pass below.
OUTRIDERS: Release Time, Day One Patch Size
[email protected] is almost here! Which class are you playing first? (We're leaning towards Technomancer) pic.twitter.com/u18vX401mM— Xbox (@Xbox) March 31, 2021

'Outriders' Servers Are Struggling And The PC Version Is Stuttering And Crashing

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Despite a month long demo, launch day here for Outriders could be going a little more smoothly. Server problems, PC crashes.

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