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American Dream Not Attainable, Say Most Voters

Only 36% of Americans believe the American dream still holds true in 2023. With rising inflation and housing prices, more Americans no longer believe hard work will get them ahead.

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36 percent of voters say American dream still holds true: poll

Just more than a third of Americans believe the American dream — that anyone can get ahead through hard work — is still true, according to a new poll, marking a sharp decline from years past. About 36 percent of Americans still believe in the American dream, according to a poll from The Wall Street…

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The Four Myths of the American Dream

David Leonhardt’s ‘Ours Was the Shining Future’ downplays the promises and possibilities of life in America.

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An American Classic: Lessons From The Great Gatsby For Family Offices

The American Dream, new riches, loneliness and obsession are just a few of the themes that F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel touches on making for interesting comparisons.

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Filipino Americans were invisibilized in American society—now, they're reclaiming their space and identity

Filipino Americans were invisibilized in American society—now, they're reclaiming their space and identity - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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We need immigrants more than ever. They keep hope in this country alive

The doom and gloom that many Americans offer up on social media and in politics betrays something fundamental about this country. These days, it's immigrants who keep hope alive.

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Why did this US couple quit jobs to travel the world with kids, live in an RV

Steve and Wendy McGrath, a couple in their 30s, left their jobs last year and are now travelling the world in a homey 45-foot RV.  | World News

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CNN Tonight

saturday. it was remarkable. think about it. dr. king stood at the sunlit summit of expectation in august, 20, eight of 1963. as a 34-year-old man and echoed across the century and into our own. a demand for justice rooted deeply in the american dream and at that point he was an amber sonia an american, constantly reinventing himself and the nation that he brought along with him to see justice through the lens of those who had been bitterly denied. to think about the fact that that march was held on the eighth anniversary of the murder of emmett till, a young teenage boy in chicago, illinois, visiting his relatives in money, mississippi, and was murdered for the crime, supposedly, of even glancing at a white woman and whistling at her. though that has been denied. the point is that when you think about the march, you think about emmett till, you think about jacksonville

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Inside Politics With Dana Bash

>> hey, joe. you're rich. >> that includes you, joe. >> i want joe, you to do the job. >> the conversation i had with joe the plumber -- >> what joe wanted to do -- >> joe was trying to realize the american dream. >> what you want to do to joe the plumber -- >> our panel is back with us. you were at that debate, weren't you? >> yeah. i was at that debate. and listen, this was a time when john mccain and republicans more broadly, they were trying to really attract white working-class voters, right? and if you think about the way barack obama did in that 2008 election, it's always a high water mark for democratic presidential candidates. he won ohio. he won windiana more goodness sake which is hard to fathom given where we are now. but this was kind of the emergence of what we see now, the sort of grievance politics, the white identity politics and this idea that white working-class, particularly men i think, are sort of the victims of democratic policies and you see republican candidates really

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